CC has been thinking about this honesty thing alot lately. It’s such a loaded word. Such a tricky thing. Everyone says they want it. Most people think they are.

But does it leave you in a lonely place when you think about the costs? Whether it’s in a relationship, in your job, with yourself. You realize you have to give up something valuable to achieve it. And always be ready to walk alone no matter how much it kills you.

So here are CC’s top 5 reasons why honesty is lonely…

5… Honesty leads to judgement. And honestly, who wants that? I like to eat cake for breakfast, would totally go to a Taylor Swift concert, and desire useless things sometimes. So what.

4… Honesty can lead to disappointment of others, when you feel guilt for not living up to their expectations.

3… Honesty is rarely reciprocal…

2… Retaliation and isolation are strong possibilities.

1… Keeping up appearances is simpler.

But then… one day… if you’re lucky…you stop and know that:

Even though the loneliness was an expensive price to pay, you looked up and saw the one or two that stayed with you. Held you. Walked with you. Regardless of whether u believed it or not. Then you realize that’s all you ever needed anyway.

웃 유 CC

2 Comments on “➎ Reasons: Honesty Is Lonely

  1. Awesome post! #1 and #2 are right on point for me but your right, it’s all worth it in the end!

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