CC wonders…what happens when you can mix love and work effortlessly?

First, love these 2. I have had this video on repeat for awhile after a friend posted it on FB. Over 5 Million hits in one week ***100 of them probably mine*** featuring a sick imitation of Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Nikki M, and Weezy F Baby.

This is something people either love or hate, all or nothing, no in between
although if you hate it, leave this blog now (j.k!!) because Amy totally rips it at 1:15.

But after ODing on the video, CC looked up their story, saw a few interviews and what an inspirational love story.
They studied music at the same prestigious arts school, were classically trained in different skills, did their own thing solo and built separate careers, then joined forces and are now on a quick rise…personally and professionally.
Similar interests, equal values, and attraction…Great recipe for luv, life, and happiness, no?

Enjoy (or else)!


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