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✏️ Coming soon…iLined   Drop by to preview, drop a line of input or simply stay tuned crablings!   😚CC    

A Moment of Silence

˙·٠•●♥A moment of silence for the soul♥●•٠     Click here to see the magic of Doctors without Borders… CC would be honored to be a part of this one day 💞    

Non Product Luv~Stories

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Sometimes miss Coco knows exactly what time it is!

chappelle’s show

~mr funny man?~ D.C. is back at it this month with several performances at Radio City Music Hall. I Covet. Want. Need. OK, would adore tickets. It wasn’t always this way. I remember when the show first came on. I was mad at him. Not because I wasn’t cracking up, but because I had to go to out into the world the next day, … Read More chappelle’s show

so vintage right now


➎ Reasons: Random…Hate 2 Love it

This is not a typical post. CC is not usually about this Vh1 life. I just tell my stories. Everyone who knows me understands how much I loathe can do without most reality TV. I respect creative TV & movies too much. But from the minute I gave in and jumped in the LHHA pool I have been Team Shenelica. I took my punishment … Read More ➎ Reasons: Random…Hate 2 Love it

Ok, point taken

Seen in NYC

BG Chronicals: A Playdate with Wendy Williams

Today, May 8, TwoThousandTwelve, through the actions of a friend and stars aligning: CC was on the Wendy Williams show. A friend works for the show and needed a ‘real lifer’ to model a product. The request?: Show up, look cute, rehearse, and banter with THE Wendy. Lord knows I have had my issues with her in the past. But she always wins my … Read More BG Chronicals: A Playdate with Wendy Williams


****UPDATE UPDATE: So Crablings, A) The RIAA aggressively shut my video down. Oddly, I am both proud and angry. I’m prangry.. Must have done something right!! B) This bish was pregnant the whole time. I can’t *** END UPDATE People always wonder WHAT CC’s obsession is with Ms. Knowles. Lord knows there are millions of us fans/stans. All I know is I have adored … Read More Bey-a-Holic


CC doesn’t hate the Lakers.  Or love the Lakers. I am actually kind of indifferent to them. It’s always been hard to say why I’m such a hater without it coming across as.. “hate”. Then the heavens opened up and gave us Game 4. Life lesson for all? It’s one thing when you’re hot and on top. But the true measure of a person … Read More Foul

I hear you Mr. Food Truck Vendor

…everyday we hustlin’…  My poor rap skills notwithstanding,  it’s not just a song. The owner of this truck happens to live on CC’s block. So naturally, I snapped a pic and then checked their site. According to “A closer inspection revealed that this was not gangsta posturing: The truck is a mobile version of Cambodian Cuisine, the longtime Fort Greene Asian restaurant that … Read More I hear you Mr. Food Truck Vendor


Welcome to the Shell

Thank you for stopping by 😊 I was born under the star sign of Cancer. I believe that stars don’t lie. And that’s the foundation for CrabbyChíque. Crabby for all those Cancerian qualities, Chíque because chíc was taken… I hope you enjoy this blog.. .. It’s a little of everything that crosses my, love, music, fashion, music, love, drama, travel, spirituality, music, home … Read More Welcome to the Shell

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