Month: June 2011

thy selfish fashion junkie



Song of the day. Natalia Kills on repeat..Click pic to listen


Product Love Metallic Clutch by g.lush

➎ Reasons…why Maya is my S.I.M.H.

SIMH = Sister in my Head…Why? 5. Minnie Ripperton was her mom, Teena Marie was her godmother. How  fly? 4. Bridesmaids. CC shall own that dvd the minute it comes out.   3. Her hilarioussssssss ChristinaYonce version of the Star Spangled Banner. See it here. 2. She can laugh at herself. She’s imperfect. Me too. 1. “Maya was in the studio with her mother … Read More ➎ Reasons…why Maya is my S.I.M.H.

CC ❤ Prabal Gurung

One more reason why he’s one of the best newbies

Dinner + Wisdom

Jade menu, Forest Hills

Haiku: f.a.t.e

can 4 lil letters paint pics of what life should be? random, bright, simple… CC

Black Cinema Shines: The Prep School Negro

June 9, 2011 – Lincoln Center –  ImageNation led another sold out film even at  the Walter Reade theatre last night. The  film was Prep School  Negro – a documentary about the director’s struggle in attending one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, having hailed from a lower income neighborhood in Philly. Director Andre Robert Lee was on hand and introduced … Read More Black Cinema Shines: The Prep School Negro

Inner Crablings

Fab offer. Hopefully this is how medical care progresses!!! From Gilt: From physical exams and vaccinations to diet and stress management, these physicians do it all, with a practitioner to fit every patient. One Medical takes the hassle out of seeing the doctor by giving you direct email access to your physician and the ability to schedule appointments online at your convenience (even for … Read More Inner Crablings

Afternoon Slam

Life + Times of Sean Carter

5 Reasons to read Jay-Z’s blog 5. Awww. Even Jay is blogging. ..reaching out of his comfort zone. Me likey. 4. The site has variety. Click pic for his interview with Gwynnie Paltrow. 3. This quote: GP: “Do you feel that as a cultural figure of importance it is part of your responsibility to share what inspires you?” JZ:“I think it’s every human’s job … Read More Life + Times of Sean Carter

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