Month: March 2014

grateful ~ mar. 28~

touch.. fear.. chance… ____?    

5 Yummy Reasons…. Game night

Not many people know that CCs day job is at HBO. Thank God for the he and she that helped me say yes..If it all ended tomorrow I could hands down, say it is an unbelievable experience in this young crab’s life. So what makes a Game of Thrones premier one of the best TV premiers? CC learned today. Here we go…. 5…Give Searcy … Read More 5 Yummy Reasons…. Game night

luv and respect

Today’s post is dedicated to Sarah and Nadira CrabbyC SO feels them, is them… There is always hope. Not a lot. But sometimes a little is enough 🙂


On the parlor wall..painted visions up above..; beauty, joy, ur love ~CC ~offthewall ~blklove

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