Month: November 2013

5 Things..Random thoughts for Today 11/25/13

5 Things…random thoughts for today 5…CC doesn’t appreciate when people use the Bible to justify selfish motives and hateful thoughts. It’s like someone drank a tall cup of judgment and just spit out some scripture. Not cool. But how do you say that to your friend? 4…Was ~relax, relate, release ~ not the best advice ever? 3…Can we discuss this R. Kelly and those … Read More 5 Things..Random thoughts for Today 11/25/13

TGIF Brittany Quotes

Brittany Quotes of the Day. Happy Friday ~CC Brittany: I have pepperoni in my bra. Santana: Those are your nipples. … Will: Who can tell us what an anthem is? Brittany: The bottom of an ant’s pant. Will: So close. … “ Tough love feels a lot like mean.” … “You look terrible. I look awesome” … It looks like a Jewish cloud. *petting … Read More TGIF Brittany Quotes

Jeremy Y.

RIP Jeremy dedicated to ana.marroquin.yuricek

the light

Festival of Lights 2013 ☺


true luv is when we’re finding sensuality in all we do together being ourselves no effort or judgement Desire plus Action in a watercolor dreamteam I tried to paint u…guess my colors weren’t beautiful enough This is what I want ~CC  

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