Month: August 2013


.. and elevated… after a *%#@ messy Monday ⛅. ~And *bonus* ~ CC was so on key with this in the laundry room 🎼


9/1/13 ~RIP Netta~ 😘 In one of those almost perfect afternoons, one of my besties and I met up today for one of those shopping/ebrunching adventures..where it’s just the 2 of you and you can hit on every single topic from men to work to clothes to …grandmas? CrabbyFriend is struggling with finding a suitable caretaker for her aging grandma. Grandma who raised her … Read More Grannies

Product Love: Neo Whimsical

In luv with this Essie Shade. Perfect for layering or dotting with the M. Stewart set while beltinggggggggggg out your K Michelle guilty pleasure: VSOP

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