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Random Thought

 There is a scene in that silly movie Bruce Almighty, a scene that probably no one will remember, where Grace is sobbing in her bed and praying ‘God please help me let him go, please help me let him go’… She missed him in bed with her,  after he had be such a d**k to her, living it up, taking her for granted and … Read More Random Thought

Classic ❄️✨

Merry Christmas 🦀-lings. Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas” Gets an Animated Video to Celebrate It’s 50th Anniversary. xx CC


I can be spoiled yes Expensive, Jealous..that’s right   Stll……I’ve laid down my life – wings


nipsey and hussles

My dream. Our dream. Collective dream. Don’t stop. Be the Block


QOTD: what’s in a name? ✎

✯ RASHAD: What kind of name is New New, anyway? NEWNEW: I’m New New cause I always rock the new… new sh⋆t. Thank you. RASHAD: Well, I heard you and you homegirls don’t buy none of that new… new sh☀t. NEWNEW: Whatever😒.  

Cool 😎 People

A to B Sides

    At first glance, this song speaks to a war, a battle. But not on the B-side. On the B-side you’re there with him and as the song begins to play…. You’ve had a big fight. Mama crabs been wrong, Papa crabs been foul. More foul and more hurtful than either of you care to admit. But your heart. Your heart. “Aiming for … Read More A to B Sides

And if you ❤️ me………Here’s what I’ll do

And if you love me………Here’s what I’ll do

Never be like you ▶

Oldie = goodie 🌸= orchid 🎶🎶=love ❤=words 🎬📺 = Young Pope  

The B-Sides: Selfish?

CC only recently heard this song. The circumstances are not important☝🏽. But crablings I swear, if could write the remix, this would be it. Sing along.   Jealous by crabbychique I’m jealous I want you all to myself I swear You don’t need nobody else I swear I want you all to myself Because I’m jealous, yea ….. You don’t need nobody else I … Read More The B-Sides: Selfish?

Signs from God

CC always says that the stars don’t lie. It’s my firm belief that He doesn’t either. Religion is the rules, in the stars lie the possibilities. Not too long ago and unfortunate incident happened after a really nice night. I was with a papa crab near and dear to my heart and parked badly. Like really badly. I guess we were excited. This resulted … Read More Signs from God

Friday Night Luv – Jim and Pam

One of the best tv love stories of all time, no?    Pam: Sorry I almost got you killed. Jim: Yeah, that was nuts.

Can’t help but wonder

Make no mistake, this song is not CC singing. I’ve made mistake made mistakes and lived through so much that I’m “a ghost when I walk in, Holy spirit when I  walk out”.. Is this what we’re doing here?  Because I’d really like to understand. Run me til I don’t want, luv, or respect you? No, this song is one I wish was sung … Read More Can’t help but wonder

Ballin’ 🎤

  Source: Ballers, HBO🏈

F*#ked up Apologies n Things

Tunesday 🎧

…interlude CC

Whatcha know about? 🎶

For those times when it’s Monday, you have a big day and you know u will have to deal with some..thangs🙊… you just have to channel that energy, that inspiration….and go 🌸

Friday 🎧: trap queen chronicles

#dope #acoustic (♥‿♪) Happy Friday!      




Quiet Expressions of a story 📖


❖guts 💖❖

Friendship… is innocent, fun and sweet.  Why did you bother smiling in someone’s face when you were busy gossiping and untrue? Pooh would not share a honey pot with you.  ღCC  

Product luv: Paree 💖

#NewShit💗 #theshit

Beauty & the Beast

Sending love to CC’s BellaBeastBaby who got her #Seahawks win for her birthday but sent auntie the gift. This day belongs to the dreamers… 💌 ✨ ~beastmodeinspiration!

Non Product Luv~Stories

  Click here for the full article ❤ 。◕‿◕。  ☀️

Doc~umentaries 💊

CC has always had a love for medicine. Not many people know this and CC has never really pursued it. Probably because she feels like this about test taking -> 😖😔 But this Saint James School of Medicine keeps popping up so randomly, with open houses in beautiful locations in the city. Although CC is not sure how it found her…it is inspiring…. Med school … Read More Doc~umentaries 💊

Movie nite

Johnny Cash: Open your mouth… Open your mouth… June Carter: No… I don’t trust you… Johnny Cash: Oh, June don’t say that… June Carter: I don’t… Johnny Cash: Yes, you do… now open your mouth… [June opens her mouth, but John snatches away the peanut from her again] June Carter: [hits John ] John, you are a mean man! You’re a mean man, and … Read More Movie nite

Tiny miracles

The worlds smallest potted plant. Where big dreams grow. 💚 CC

Come harder, this won’t be easy, don’t doubt yourself 🎼   love&light, CC

5 Things: CC Wishes….Yoga and adventure in Costa Rica

Namasté 💗   5… Adventure   4… Strength   3… Love 2… Light And 1…. peace 💋🌺

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Friday Funnies: #thingsIWouldDo ♥

For once CC would be the prankster! May CrabMa be ready.  

surprises on a rainy Thursday morning!

everything you need to know about life can be found in a Clueless, Love and Basketball, SATC, To Wong Foo or Drake quote. Is this how men really feel?

the mondays

Protected: visual poetry

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Thieves & Liars

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

cinco things: marquez

 …☯ ♥     (˘‿˘ʃƪ)    


grateful ~ mar. 28~

touch.. fear.. chance… ____?    

luv and respect

Today’s post is dedicated to Sarah and Nadira CrabbyC SO feels them, is them… There is always hope. Not a lot. But sometimes a little is enough 🙂


On the parlor wall..painted visions up above..; beauty, joy, ur love ~CC ~offthewall ~blklove




.. papaCrab will have this kind of soul! Smile and click –> here

Product Luv: Fancy

~ Sexi ~

basketball life

What does love, in your heart, mean to you? Perfection, or realness? Thank u to the responders. Lol. Basketball was my metaphor, for Inspiration..Sometimes it happens in a moment & you forget people can see. So no, I dont ask for a ‘performer ‘..only my superstar who shows me the way.. who puts his best in the world and with me even though its … Read More basketball life

will it be okay? find a way 💋

JD ~fAn arT~


everything sweet aint sugar coated

5 Things..Random thoughts for Today 11/25/13

5 Things…random thoughts for today 5…CC doesn’t appreciate when people use the Bible to justify selfish motives and hateful thoughts. It’s like someone drank a tall cup of judgment and just spit out some scripture. Not cool. But how do you say that to your friend? 4…Was ~relax, relate, release ~ not the best advice ever? 3…Can we discuss this R. Kelly and those … Read More 5 Things..Random thoughts for Today 11/25/13

Jeremy Y.

RIP Jeremy dedicated to ana.marroquin.yuricek

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