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And in the middle of it all

~^ And CC believes in u2 ^~

I really can’t stay ( ≖.≖)

Stay warm bunnies 💌❄️  

Product Love: private dancer

Found: A sidewalk street fair. ~CC

so vintage right now



****UPDATE UPDATE: So Crablings, A) The RIAA aggressively shut my video down. Oddly, I am both proud and angry. I’m prangry.. Must have done something right!! B) This bish was pregnant the whole time. I can’t *** END UPDATE People always wonder WHAT CC’s obsession is with Ms. Knowles. Lord knows there are millions of us fans/stans. All I know is I have adored … Read More Bey-a-Holic

Street Chique

And now..back to reality, ahem Blinged out Jellies, $12 Source: random cheap chic boutique, NYC

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