Month: March 2013

This Day

Whatever religion Whatever faith Whatever heart (and even though CC admits sometimes not totally liking the unchurchy parts of church, I loved the sermon today. My favorite quotes: “If Satan was the more powerful then he would have been able to keep Jesus captive in that tomb” “Live life abundantly” Who could not love the best story ever? And Spring!!!!! The Lord is Risen … Read More This Day

visual 5-7-5

Love n War

I once had a science teacher. Mr Prato. And every Friday instead of a lesson, he had Question Day. We could ask questions about any and everything. One day he said to us that we should stop questioning why people were different from us and be more afraid that we were all so much the same. It was 8th grade so I didn’t wrap … Read More Love n War


New moon ☾ fresh heart ♥ good life ☯ new start ♛

sexx in a song

“Shadows fallin baby..we stand alone….Out on the street, anybody you meet, got a heartache of their own…It oughtta be illegal” ~Guilty, Streisand & Bee Gees Click here to listen. It’s black on the inside. My parents use to play this when we were little kids. I couldn’t know what it meant but I would belt it out in my living room concerts (my Dad … Read More sexx in a song

Product love: Pillow Whisper

Seen in BK today. It may have said “take me home”. I cant be sure.

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