“Shadows fallin baby..we stand alone….Out on the street, anybody you meet, got a heartache of their own…It oughtta be illegal”

~Guilty, Streisand & Bee Gees
Click here to listen. It’s black on the inside.



My parents use to play this when we were little kids. I couldn’t know what it meant but I would belt it out in my living room concerts (my Dad would sub for Barry’s part, hilarious).

But now that I do, this stays fire. Because really, until this popped up the other day I didn’t know how to put this to words.

Because yea, make it a crime to be left out in the cold. Or pretend to care when they don’t. It’s bullshit really. Makes me feel like this, when I really wanna feel like this , but its all good. I’ll just work with this,  cuz at least I know I care. I was devotion.

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