Month: January 2015

❖guts 💖❖

Friendship… is innocent, fun and sweet.  Why did you bother smiling in someone’s face when you were busy gossiping and untrue? Pooh would not share a honey pot with you.  ღCC  

Product luv: Paree 💖

#NewShit💗 #theshit

Beauty & the Beast

Sending love to CC’s BellaBeastBaby who got her #Seahawks win for her birthday but sent auntie the gift. This day belongs to the dreamers… 💌 ✨ ~beastmodeinspiration!

I really can’t stay ( ≖.≖)

Stay warm bunnies 💌❄️  

Product Luv: Valentinos Day

One step closer to handbag heaven?   A first Valentino, out of nowhere. When CC got the call on this beauty I couldn’t believe it. Not the bag, or the price….. both were amazing. At first, with that price, I thought… just sell it. You know…all that dreamy stuff for the papaCrab and crablings futures..we can do this..we can do that.. and then I … Read More Product Luv: Valentinos Day

Happy New Year!

From CC’s heart to yours … thank you for swimming #alongwithme ( ^◡❤)۶

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