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Random Thought

 There is a scene in that silly movie Bruce Almighty, a scene that probably no one will remember, where Grace is sobbing in her bed and praying ‘God please help me let him go, please help me let him go’… She missed him in bed with her,  after he had be such a d**k to her, living it up, taking her for granted and … Read More Random Thought

Beauty & Faith


” I wanted more than just a man, I needed a friend” One of my favorite parts of summertime is this love bop. Who would not appreciate a Ghostface eagle appearance? Wishing a happy 4th for all crablings!!


nipsey and hussles

My dream. Our dream. Collective dream. Don’t stop. Be the Block

Sunday bop…. It’s a party

A to B Sides

    At first glance, this song speaks to a war, a battle. But not on the B-side. On the B-side you’re there with him and as the song begins to play…. You’ve had a big fight. Mama crabs been wrong, Papa crabs been foul. More foul and more hurtful than either of you care to admit. But your heart. Your heart. “Aiming for … Read More A to B Sides

I like these words

🎤 Nico & Vinz 🖱 Sound Cloud  

The B-Sides: Selfish?

CC only recently heard this song. The circumstances are not important☝🏽. But crablings I swear, if could write the remix, this would be it. Sing along.   Jealous by crabbychique I’m jealous I want you all to myself I swear You don’t need nobody else I swear I want you all to myself Because I’m jealous, yea ….. You don’t need nobody else I … Read More The B-Sides: Selfish?

Signs from God

CC always says that the stars don’t lie. It’s my firm belief that He doesn’t either. Religion is the rules, in the stars lie the possibilities. Not too long ago and unfortunate incident happened after a really nice night. I was with a papa crab near and dear to my heart and parked badly. Like really badly. I guess we were excited. This resulted … Read More Signs from God




O come, Thou Key of David, come And open wide our heavenly home Make safe the way that leads on high Click to listen

Thankful 🍁

Happy Thanksgiving Crablings! CC has been MIA for awhile, working on some thangs, trying to get her creative mojo on,  but no less thankful for life, prayers and blessings. ❤️ Enjoy crablings. Wear stretchy pants.


Can you say you trust another?

When I tell someone Deep down how I feel inside I do so, without pride. ~~Haiku luv, CC~~

Foolish 💝


Can’t help but wonder

Make no mistake, this song is not CC singing. I’ve made mistake made mistakes and lived through so much that I’m “a ghost when I walk in, Holy spirit when I  walk out”.. Is this what we’re doing here?  Because I’d really like to understand. Run me til I don’t want, luv, or respect you? No, this song is one I wish was sung … Read More Can’t help but wonder

Low kii


🇱🇷 Woman


Happy Diwali

Shine your light 😌✨



Season 3, episode 6

Because etvery woman has been here at least once in her life, maybe even twice.  Every single one.

Ballin’ 🎤

  Source: Ballers, HBO🏈

F*#ked up Apologies n Things


*Semi-spoiled* If you have watched the Game of Thrones season 6 finale, were you blown away emotionally? What amazing storytelling and suspense and emotion and love and hate and…forgiveness. One of the things about this episode that grabbed me so fiercely was Light of the Seven. So different from the usual score, and so perfect that it was as crucial as the wildfire. Fire! … Read More Sound….tracks


Grace & Glory



Before saying anything


Vintage Glamour

~ shabby chic diaries ~

Tunesday 🎧

…interlude CC

Coming soon ✨📝

✏️ Coming soon…iLined   Drop by to preview, drop a line of input or simply stay tuned crablings!   😚CC    

Storyteller 101

How can you tell a story you haven’t lived? Study it. How can you tell a story you’ll never understand? Let whitewashed Hollywood determine that. CC is extremely disappointed in Matt Damon. And not only because she watched that ridiculous movie “The Informant” (under duress!! 🚑 ⇝👉💪), but also because of the subliminal he represents. She thought he was one of the “cool’ ones. … Read More Storyteller 101

Whatcha know about? 🎶

For those times when it’s Monday, you have a big day and you know u will have to deal with some..thangs🙊… you just have to channel that energy, that inspiration….and go 🌸

Cartagena Nights 

Counterclockwise from top  #family #oldcartegena #dreamcatcher #oldcitywhorehouse 😯 ~good stories ~ firstnite ~caretegenanights  ~love ~simplelife ~Colombia 2015

A Moment of Silence

˙·٠•●♥A moment of silence for the soul♥●•٠     Click here to see the magic of Doctors without Borders… CC would be honored to be a part of this one day 💞    





Spring is a time of renewal… Do you renew with these classics?   💪 (`▿´) 👊乂⍲‿⍲乂

Quiet Expressions of a story 📖


tuesday tunes ❥♬

songs that would play in a quiet hole in the wall

And in the middle of it all

~^ And CC believes in u2 ^~


Paging Crablings ☤ Ok crablings, who has killer meds for pain? What are the best ones out there? Drugs are okay and your homeopathic 🌾 favorites are appreciated too …. CC and new york city ice don’t mix! 🍸☃ Inbox me with your best or share your stash! ✉ Lovingly, CC 🏥

Protected: symbols

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

❖guts 💖❖

Friendship… is innocent, fun and sweet.  Why did you bother smiling in someone’s face when you were busy gossiping and untrue? Pooh would not share a honey pot with you.  ღCC  

I really can’t stay ( ≖.≖)

Stay warm bunnies 💌❄️  

Product Luv: Valentinos Day

One step closer to handbag heaven?   A first Valentino, out of nowhere. When CC got the call on this beauty I couldn’t believe it. Not the bag, or the price….. both were amazing. At first, with that price, I thought… just sell it. You know…all that dreamy stuff for the papaCrab and crablings futures..we can do this..we can do that.. and then I … Read More Product Luv: Valentinos Day

Happy New Year!

From CC’s heart to yours … thank you for swimming #alongwithme ( ^◡❤)۶

Non Product Luv~Stories

  Click here for the full article ❤ 。◕‿◕。  ☀️

Random CC

I’m mad at you..But you’re still so hot.🐇

Doc~umentaries 💊

CC has always had a love for medicine. Not many people know this and CC has never really pursued it. Probably because she feels like this about test taking -> 😖😔 But this Saint James School of Medicine keeps popping up so randomly, with open houses in beautiful locations in the city. Although CC is not sure how it found her…it is inspiring…. Med school … Read More Doc~umentaries 💊

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