Month: September 2013

Product Love

Mugshot? 😘☕

Action :)

what do I do when.. caught between 2 strong will plans …follow heads or ur heart? ~cc

Haiku: Never EZ

…this is the time when he gets set to come harder knowing he got this… ~cc

The Horror: Movie Night

The Horror: Movie Night…. We Are What We Are starts tonight! CC is looking forward to it. Reviews later! ~CC In WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, a seemingly wholesome and benevolent family, the Parkers have always kept to themselves, and for good reason. Behind closed doors, patriarch Frank (Bill Sage, “Boardwalk Empire”) rules his family with a rigorous ferver, determined to keep his ancestral … Read More The Horror: Movie Night

➎ Reasons: Tessanne ♪ ♫

❤ Tessanne Chin, sister in my head, for a really long time ❤ 5…Lyrics… 4…Such a down to earth personality…. 3…Has been on the quiet grind for years, like those I love.. 2…This .. and 1…This (vintage) Yay and LOL at Ceelo and ~CC

When MotherCrab is Right

When MotherCrab is Right….Mamacita is finally happy that I am listening to her. She wants me to do it her way. ‘Picket fence’ I am reminded. As she pointed out, its not like my way is the best way. Hearts are foolish. Ok Ma. V. good advice, lol……She is right that any woman would die for that. I’m sure alot are. So wish CC … Read More When MotherCrab is Right

➎ Crabby Lessons Learned

5. A Blue crab sale at my local fish market was a good thing, all customers were excited….. CC bought a half dozen, all nicely wrapped in a brown paper bag…. 4. The transfer from bag to pan did not go as smoothly as hoped, we had a runaway…. 3. Coco does not like to be chased by a crab. 2. Slippery little suckers…. … Read More ➎ Crabby Lessons Learned


Sometimes when the moon is full CC starts to miss the people she loves the most. One of them is her pumpkin Alex 🙇 When we get to see each other he is like my shadow….. so I remember the time when he was half baby- half l’il man.. the sky was clear, and I was able to see the man in the moon, the … Read More Moonchild

Product Love: Face

CC was looking for something that could work with my skin through the season changes. And for that this cleanser and moisturizer duo has been awesome. It is not too costly, natural-based, mild and healing… and leaves your face clean and soft. If you are extremely dry, its also blendable…many possibilities. Try mixing in a few drops of coconut oil or Shea. ❤CC Available … Read More Product Love: Face


Hilarious.. Hugged a cheetah today? ❤Oh wait… ~courtesy of Vine

CC~ Friday the 13th Party Flow

dressing music for tonight ♪ ♪ catch it live: ready, set, flow

Product Love: air

This little thing brings CC so much joy ☼ For 13.99 breathe happy too.

No it’s okay. This is how I sit.

It is totally ok to lol when you get to 5:30 ❤CC


Prep for an opportunity to go creative ~lifedream ~canitbe? ~faith ~pray4cc Dress: remix Soundtrack: mellow Heart: centered

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