Month: September 2012

Hiatus: inconveniently

So I  was ripped a new one this morning for the last post. Ok, that’s a little dramatic..but the effect. The effect. I was advised that it’s not practical. To get my head out of the clouds. Find  a Papa Crab and focus. That that path is what has worked for centuries and I need to get over it. I wanted to defend myself … Read More Hiatus: inconveniently

inconvℯniℯnce is the truth

Inconvenient? Sometimes I wonder about this quirky life.  No one said it was fair right. We learned that early. Even though I was the one trying to pour equal juice amounts for all my friends so no one would feel hurt….somebody always was…with just a little less kool aid…sometimes it was me.. But no, I’m  thinking about convenience. Ever laid out a grand plan … Read More inconvℯniℯnce is the truth

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