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Can you say you trust another?

When I tell someone Deep down how I feel inside I do so, without pride. ~~Haiku luv, CC~~


On the parlor wall..painted visions up above..; beauty, joy, ur love ~CC ~offthewall ~blklove


..to love/pamper him.. that makes each dream come alive.. ..that would be sublime 🎉 εїз

Action :)

what do I do when.. caught between 2 strong will plans …follow heads or ur heart? ~cc

Haiku: Never EZ

…this is the time when he gets set to come harder knowing he got this… ~cc

Repost: Haiku for Trayvon: 6pm Awaits

At the hands of hate, Sorrow on earth and above …. Just know, u were loved  

visual 5-7-5

Haiku: Quiet Love

If all others mocked.. …while he knew what I dreamed of… that, is quiet luv

Haiku for Trayvon: 6pm Awaits

 At the hands of hate,  Sorrow on earth and above   …. Just know, u were loved

Haiku: f.a.t.e

can 4 lil letters paint pics of what life should be? random, bright, simple… CC

Haiku for ℒℴℳℒ

I tried to paint u Colors were not bright enough To capture ur soul

╰☆╮CrabbyChique Shoe Haiku╰☆╮

…Ever had a pair… …You just could not wait to wear?… …Well these are them here… Pulitzer Please.

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