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QOTD: what’s in a name? ✎

✯ RASHAD: What kind of name is New New, anyway? NEWNEW: I’m New New cause I always rock the new… new sh⋆t. Thank you. RASHAD: Well, I heard you and you homegirls don’t buy none of that new… new sh☀t. NEWNEW: Whatever😒.  

A to B Sides

    At first glance, this song speaks to a war, a battle. But not on the B-side. On the B-side you’re there with him and as the song begins to play…. You’ve had a big fight. Mama crabs been wrong, Papa crabs been foul. More foul and more hurtful than either of you care to admit. But your heart. Your heart. “Aiming for … Read More A to B Sides

Can’t help but wonder

Make no mistake, this song is not CC singing. I’ve made mistake made mistakes and lived through so much that I’m “a ghost when I walk in, Holy spirit when I  walk out”.. Is this what we’re doing here?  Because I’d really like to understand. Run me til I don’t want, luv, or respect you? No, this song is one I wish was sung … Read More Can’t help but wonder

F*#ked up Apologies n Things

Whatcha know about? 🎶

For those times when it’s Monday, you have a big day and you know u will have to deal with some..thangs🙊… you just have to channel that energy, that inspiration….and go 🌸

Friday 🎧: trap queen chronicles

#dope #acoustic (♥‿♪) Happy Friday!      

❖guts 💖❖

Friendship… is innocent, fun and sweet.  Why did you bother smiling in someone’s face when you were busy gossiping and untrue? Pooh would not share a honey pot with you.  ღCC  

Non Product Luv~Stories

  Click here for the full article ❤ 。◕‿◕。  ☀️

Friday Funnies: #thingsIWouldDo ♥

For once CC would be the prankster! May CrabMa be ready.  

Protected: Thieves & Liars

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


On the parlor wall..painted visions up above..; beauty, joy, ur love ~CC ~offthewall ~blklove

Protected: little things

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

No it’s okay. This is how I sit.

It is totally ok to lol when you get to 5:30 ❤CC

Product Love: Neo Whimsical

In luv with this Essie Shade. Perfect for layering or dotting with the M. Stewart set while beltinggggggggggg out your K Michelle guilty pleasure: VSOP

➎ Reasons: Random…Hate 2 Love it

This is not a typical post. CC is not usually about this Vh1 life. I just tell my stories. Everyone who knows me understands how much I loathe can do without most reality TV. I respect creative TV & movies too much. But from the minute I gave in and jumped in the LHHA pool I have been Team Shenelica. I took my punishment … Read More ➎ Reasons: Random…Hate 2 Love it

Take yo passion and make it happen

The Bougetteaúx Chronicles

Attention: CC is testing a new series called the Bougetteaúx Chronicles See, most people think in black and white. Some folks are pretentiously bourgeois while others are unabashedly ghetto. However, there is a shade of gray, somewhere happily in the middle, and we call it “Bougetteaúx”. It’s French. Today’s topic: This $500 Dress at Neimans Bougie: I can split this on 2 cards and … Read More The Bougetteaúx Chronicles

➎ Random Thoughts for Today

My french manicure has once again defected. It’s somewhere in Lithuania… That Mary J Burger King song is catchy. Dammit. Will Kanye and Kim try another sex tape? Can we call it “GoldTrigga”? I’ll do set design. Moms should not network socially… Martyrs suck. Don’t do something if all you want is credit. Bonus: I really want an Auntie Anne’s pretzel right now. That … Read More ➎ Random Thoughts for Today

thy selfish fashion junkie


╰☆╮CrabbyChique Shoe Haiku╰☆╮

…Ever had a pair… …You just could not wait to wear?… …Well these are them here… Pulitzer Please.

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