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Classic ❄️✨

Merry Christmas 🦀-lings. Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas” Gets an Animated Video to Celebrate It’s 50th Anniversary. xx CC


” I wanted more than just a man, I needed a friend” One of my favorite parts of summertime is this love bop. Who would not appreciate a Ghostface eagle appearance? Wishing a happy 4th for all crablings!!


nipsey and hussles

My dream. Our dream. Collective dream. Don’t stop. Be the Block

Cool 😎 People

A to B Sides

    At first glance, this song speaks to a war, a battle. But not on the B-side. On the B-side you’re there with him and as the song begins to play…. You’ve had a big fight. Mama crabs been wrong, Papa crabs been foul. More foul and more hurtful than either of you care to admit. But your heart. Your heart. “Aiming for … Read More A to B Sides

And if you ❤️ me………Here’s what I’ll do

And if you love me………Here’s what I’ll do

Never be like you ▶

Oldie = goodie 🌸= orchid 🎶🎶=love ❤=words 🎬📺 = Young Pope  

The B-Sides: Selfish?

CC only recently heard this song. The circumstances are not important☝🏽. But crablings I swear, if could write the remix, this would be it. Sing along.   Jealous by crabbychique I’m jealous I want you all to myself I swear You don’t need nobody else I swear I want you all to myself Because I’m jealous, yea ….. You don’t need nobody else I … Read More The B-Sides: Selfish?

Friday Night Luv – Jim and Pam

One of the best tv love stories of all time, no?    Pam: Sorry I almost got you killed. Jim: Yeah, that was nuts.


O come, Thou Key of David, come And open wide our heavenly home Make safe the way that leads on high Click to listen

Usher Unplugged


Ballin’ 🎤

  Source: Ballers, HBO🏈


*Semi-spoiled* If you have watched the Game of Thrones season 6 finale, were you blown away emotionally? What amazing storytelling and suspense and emotion and love and hate and…forgiveness. One of the things about this episode that grabbed me so fiercely was Light of the Seven. So different from the usual score, and so perfect that it was as crucial as the wildfire. Fire! … Read More Sound….tracks

Vintage Glamour

~ shabby chic diaries ~

Tunesday 🎧

…interlude CC

Whatcha know about? 🎶

For those times when it’s Monday, you have a big day and you know u will have to deal with some..thangs🙊… you just have to channel that energy, that inspiration….and go 🌸

Friday 🎧: trap queen chronicles

#dope #acoustic (♥‿♪) Happy Friday!      


Spring is a time of renewal… Do you renew with these classics?   💪 (`▿´) 👊乂⍲‿⍲乂

Quiet Expressions of a story 📖


tuesday tunes ❥♬

songs that would play in a quiet hole in the wall

Protected: symbols

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Product luv: Paree 💖

#NewShit💗 #theshit

I really can’t stay ( ≖.≖)

Stay warm bunnies 💌❄️  

Product Luv: Valentinos Day

One step closer to handbag heaven?   A first Valentino, out of nowhere. When CC got the call on this beauty I couldn’t believe it. Not the bag, or the price….. both were amazing. At first, with that price, I thought… just sell it. You know…all that dreamy stuff for the papaCrab and crablings futures..we can do this..we can do that.. and then I … Read More Product Luv: Valentinos Day

Non Product Luv~Stories

  Click here for the full article ❤ 。◕‿◕。  ☀️

Monday Funny


Twinkle Toes

Dedicated to CC’s lovely darling goddaughter who started her new dance classes this weekend. CC loved those days, new leotards, silky shoes, silver taps, ruffles and steps. And pink toes. And she loved it too 🎉💗~Dance baby *photo taken at Edge School of the Arts, Laurelton, NY

Product luv: Raspberry berets


5 Things: CC Wishes….Yoga and adventure in Costa Rica

Namasté 💗   5… Adventure   4… Strength   3… Love 2… Light And 1…. peace 💋🌺

Saturday Shopping: Grey Day

Off to enjoy some CC time and find something pretty on this gray cozy day 🐣☔️☁️ . So much to see 🙂 #funnday #Xo

Product Love: dress normal

Obsession ❤

Lay with you Bae

…Laugh with me Bae 💞

the mondays

cinco things: marquez

 …☯ ♥     (˘‿˘ʃƪ)    

Product Love…raspberry beret

sometimes it’s the little things 🌺CC Blondie French Kiss graphic tee, on sale at Hautelook 💌

who knew?!

~courtesy Underground Poet’s Society      

grateful ~ mar. 28~

touch.. fear.. chance… ____?    

5 Yummy Reasons…. Game night

Not many people know that CCs day job is at HBO. Thank God for the he and she that helped me say yes..If it all ended tomorrow I could hands down, say it is an unbelievable experience in this young crab’s life. So what makes a Game of Thrones premier one of the best TV premiers? CC learned today. Here we go…. 5…Give Searcy … Read More 5 Yummy Reasons…. Game night

Lyric of the day

“Known to walk alone but I’m alone for a reason ” ~BKC

songs and sounds

songs and sounds 2

make a wish

~So fly. The love on this little girl’s face. CC would totally have done this~ CC Beyoncé Serenades Terminally Ill Superfan With a Special Performance

5 Things…Gunmetal

gray palette, to the pure awesomeness in me ~ ❤cc

inner shine

Rouge V. Shine 💗

little glimpse of light

These ladies are soooo talented. Hope you like this as much as I did. In my next life… CC will be the beat boxer. 💬💬💬Like, does she ever spit on anyone? . 💗CC

Product Love: Shine

So adorable these iPad or Mac covers. CC would call them Lost Jewels and Paradise Sunset ☼ Available on ASOS ♥    

JD ~fAn arT~


5 Things..Random thoughts for Today 11/25/13

5 Things…random thoughts for today 5…CC doesn’t appreciate when people use the Bible to justify selfish motives and hateful thoughts. It’s like someone drank a tall cup of judgment and just spit out some scripture. Not cool. But how do you say that to your friend? 4…Was ~relax, relate, release ~ not the best advice ever? 3…Can we discuss this R. Kelly and those … Read More 5 Things..Random thoughts for Today 11/25/13

TGIF Brittany Quotes

Brittany Quotes of the Day. Happy Friday ~CC Brittany: I have pepperoni in my bra. Santana: Those are your nipples. … Will: Who can tell us what an anthem is? Brittany: The bottom of an ant’s pant. Will: So close. … “ Tough love feels a lot like mean.” … “You look terrible. I look awesome” … It looks like a Jewish cloud. *petting … Read More TGIF Brittany Quotes

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