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Happy New Year!

From CC’s heart to yours … thank you for swimming #alongwithme ( ^◡❤)۶

Protected: Pitch Slam..another chance

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

My masterpiece

CC original 🎨🎈

take yo passion (part 2)

          To all my writers in LA, this pitch-slam competition for novel or screenwriters comes to your town tomorrow. Take advantage, west coast crablings 🙂 ..CC would be amazed to see this in NYC..xoxo With this world we’re living in today,   is it one where you just —> Do It …. or exist? ****🎬🎬🎬**** For full info log on to:   … Read More take yo passion (part 2)

App Stars

From stargazers to nerds and app for all. ♥♥♥ the starbux app! Free …with free  perks,refills, music and $$$ savings

Product Love: well~made

Favorite things…♥

Haiku: Quiet Love

If all others mocked.. …while he knew what I dreamed of… that, is quiet luv

➎ Reasons…why Maya is my S.I.M.H.

SIMH = Sister in my Head…Why? 5. Minnie Ripperton was her mom, Teena Marie was her godmother. How  fly? 4. Bridesmaids. CC shall own that dvd the minute it comes out.   3. Her hilarioussssssss ChristinaYonce version of the Star Spangled Banner. See it here. 2. She can laugh at herself. She’s imperfect. Me too. 1. “Maya was in the studio with her mother … Read More ➎ Reasons…why Maya is my S.I.M.H.

Life + Times of Sean Carter

5 Reasons to read Jay-Z’s blog 5. Awww. Even Jay is blogging. ..reaching out of his comfort zone. Me likey. 4. The site has variety. Click pic for his interview with Gwynnie Paltrow. 3. This quote: GP: “Do you feel that as a cultural figure of importance it is part of your responsibility to share what inspires you?” JZ:“I think it’s every human’s job … Read More Life + Times of Sean Carter


My bish soon-to-be Billboard Millenium Award Winner “The authentic self is soul made visible“ -iDon’tRememberWhoSaidThis

ℳcLoving ℳcQueen

If ever there was a reason to blow $1500… this is it ☛ ☛ ☛

Drooling and dreaming of Couture

No words. They would just ruin it… Chanel Couture at 2011 Met Ball


Welcome to the Shell

Thank you for stopping by 😊 I was born under the star sign of Cancer. I believe that stars don’t lie. And that’s the foundation for CrabbyChíque. Crabby for all those Cancerian qualities, Chíque because chíc was taken… I hope you enjoy this blog.. .. It’s a little of everything that crosses my, love, music, fashion, music, love, drama, travel, spirituality, music, home … Read More Welcome to the Shell

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