Crabshell DIY – Meet Mz. Kristalia

I’m completely in love with this edition of Crabshell DIY.

Hell, I love all of them, but say hello to my little chandelier anyway. Her name is Kristalia.

Total cost was under $100 and included a base with 3 halogens, but each crystal had to be painstakingly attached and kept tangle free. Try that with music playing, a million thoughts in your head,phone ringing,and an active dog. Try it.

But the challenge made it all the more sexy…

Mz. K

Dear Guys…10 things to say to a girl today

  1. You cast a spell on me.. spell on me
  2. You hit me like the sky fell on me..fell on me
  3. And I decided you look well on me..well on me
  4. So let’s go somewhere no one else can see…you and me.
  5. Can you spend a little time?
  6. Time is slipping away…away from us,  so stay,
  7. Stay with me,I can make….make you glad you came.
  8. The sun goes down,the stars come out,
  9. And all that counts is here and now,
  10. My universe will never be the same.. I’m glad you came, I’m glad you came.

 ~ The Wanted, Glad you Came