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Never be like you ▶

Oldie = goodie 🌸= orchid 🎶🎶=love ❤=words 🎬📺 = Young Pope  

Vintage Glamour

~ shabby chic diaries ~

Quiet Expressions of a story 📖


Product luv: Paree 💖

#NewShit💗 #theshit

Product Luv: Valentinos Day

One step closer to handbag heaven?   A first Valentino, out of nowhere. When CC got the call on this beauty I couldn’t believe it. Not the bag, or the price….. both were amazing. At first, with that price, I thought… just sell it. You know…all that dreamy stuff for the papaCrab and crablings futures..we can do this..we can do that.. and then I … Read More Product Luv: Valentinos Day

Twinkle Toes

Dedicated to CC’s lovely darling goddaughter who started her new dance classes this weekend. CC loved those days, new leotards, silky shoes, silver taps, ruffles and steps. And pink toes. And she loved it too 🎉💗~Dance baby *photo taken at Edge School of the Arts, Laurelton, NY

Product luv: Raspberry berets


Saturday Shopping: Grey Day

Off to enjoy some CC time and find something pretty on this gray cozy day 🐣☔️☁️ . So much to see 🙂 #funnday #Xo

Product Love: dress normal

Obsession ❤

Product Love…raspberry beret

sometimes it’s the little things 🌺CC Blondie French Kiss graphic tee, on sale at Hautelook 💌

5 Things…Gunmetal

gray palette, to the pure awesomeness in me ~ ❤cc

inner shine

Rouge V. Shine 💗

Product Love: Shine

So adorable these iPad or Mac covers. CC would call them Lost Jewels and Paradise Sunset ☼ Available on ASOS ♥    

JD ~fAn arT~


the light

Festival of Lights 2013 ☺

☽ …All Hallows (っ◕‿◕)っ

Happy Halloween Crablings! As we get set for the festivities (which CC is STILL not sure she’s taking part in and yet… is semi-prepared :/). Other ideas… can’t forget the babies! And the cherry on top….

Product Love: inspiration pad

Today’s prayer. Notebook giveaway at Nordstrom ❤CC

➎ Things: 10.2.2013

5. 4. 3. Scene 2. 1.

The Horror: Movie Night

The Horror: Movie Night…. We Are What We Are starts tonight! CC is looking forward to it. Reviews later! ~CC In WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, a seemingly wholesome and benevolent family, the Parkers have always kept to themselves, and for good reason. Behind closed doors, patriarch Frank (Bill Sage, “Boardwalk Empire”) rules his family with a rigorous ferver, determined to keep his ancestral … Read More The Horror: Movie Night

CC~ Friday the 13th Party Flow

dressing music for tonight ♪ ♪ catch it live: ready, set, flow


Product Love: crabbyChapeau

I want this. Yes. That is all. 😍~SincerelyCC. ❤️✨#bunBtrill        

Little things

unexpected gift from the archives. ~iAdore vintage promo frame

Star Spangled Bangle

product.Love courtesy of c.Wonder

BG Chronicals: A Playdate with Wendy Williams

Today, May 8, TwoThousandTwelve, through the actions of a friend and stars aligning: CC was on the Wendy Williams show. A friend works for the show and needed a ‘real lifer’ to model a product. The request?: Show up, look cute, rehearse, and banter with THE Wendy. Lord knows I have had my issues with her in the past. But she always wins my … Read More BG Chronicals: A Playdate with Wendy Williams

Product Love: A Brush

Lovers of all things feminine..what say you about this Anna Sui brush? CC is all for form being as important as function and this brush is so lovely. I imagine it would be a part of many of a crab’s life stories..trips to exotic places, a brush of a side pony, a honeymoon maybe, a little girl sneaking a brush at your vanity? All … Read More Product Love: A Brush

Last Nite a DJ Saved My Life these Disco Pants… Ok, so he hasn’t saved my life yet. But he will when I get to wear my brand new jeggings – shown here on a fellow fashionista’s bod. CC is not this small but that’s the beauty of these pants – no one can look bad in them. These pants are like the US presidency – an operation bigger than … Read More Last Nite a DJ Saved My Life

CC ❤ Prabal Gurung

One more reason why he’s one of the best newbies

Jean Envy

Ok Crablings,  everyone knows how seriously I take my jeans collection. I will skimp everywhere else, refuse to buy typical designer bags, and wear costume jewelry – but I will NOT skimp on jeans. They are art. That said, I’m equally picky about cleaning them. They do not go in washing machines. Ever. Unless they are stretch skinny. But for the top dogs it’s … Read More Jean Envy

Product Luv – Bella Terra 9-Stacks

CC doesn’t OD on eye makeup, but these are stargazable.  Check out Bella Terra’s 9-stacks. Each stack has 9 shades with beautiful pigments. The shimmers can be worn 8 different ways: Creamy Shadow Moisten the brush to create richer, more intense eye color that doesn’t crease. Matte Shadow Mix the Shimmer with Bella Terra’s Eye Primer for a matte shadow look. Eyeliner Wet the … Read More Product Luv – Bella Terra 9-Stacks

ℳcLoving ℳcQueen

If ever there was a reason to blow $1500… this is it ☛ ☛ ☛

I Heart Mamacitas

Mother’s day is coming up, and here is an approved (by me) gift available through Gilt. You can either purchase a bouquet similar to the one below (flowers of your choice) -OR- sign up for a lifetime of smothering hugs by taking a floral arrangement class with her. CC herself  will be attempting to create a similar bouquet..light a candle and stay tuned for … Read More I Heart Mamacitas

Stereo Love

Oh. Oh. Oh. Headphones are art… Crack to CC’s ears…. A good pair makes music so crystal clear you may actually think Fergie is vocally equivalent to Gwen Stefani. Here is RocNation’s aviator turn on a classic… “SkullCandy and Roc Nation have formed a coalition and invented the Aviator headphones,  designed to “offer the best way for people to experience the soundtrack of their … Read More Stereo Love

Random Product Love

Sampled these nail polish toppers the other day at one of the super improved (read: overpriced) Duane Reade stores in NYC. They are gorgeous in person giving all mani-divas the opportunity to mix and match base colors and toppers. Gorgeous. Flawless. Masks the mid-week chip.. and worth the pricetag. (Seen below in “Chilled” special-effect top coat. A satiny matte finish with a hint of … Read More Random Product Love


Welcome to the Shell

Thank you for stopping by 😊 I was born under the star sign of Cancer. I believe that stars don’t lie. And that’s the foundation for CrabbyChíque. Crabby for all those Cancerian qualities, Chíque because chíc was taken… I hope you enjoy this blog.. .. It’s a little of everything that crosses my, love, music, fashion, music, love, drama, travel, spirituality, music, home … Read More Welcome to the Shell

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