Today, May 8, TwoThousandTwelve, through the actions of a friend and stars aligning: CC was on the Wendy Williams show.

A friend works for the show and needed a ‘real lifer’ to model a product.
The request?: Show up, look cute, rehearse, and banter with THE Wendy.

Lord knows I have had my issues with her in the past. But she always wins my forgiveness with advice hour. And show up I did, changed clothes, got zhushed and completed my assignment – with a moment stolen to capture myself in my very own green room. Like a 5 year old. Yes.

Now I love stills. Live, I wasn’t sure. Walking on set, being in front of an audience and being ‘on’ was nerve wrecking. My mantra: “don’t trip, don’t trip, do.not.trip”

But I had a ball, Wendy looks fabbb in person, and hats off to folks who do that errday.

How you doin?



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