The B-Sides: Selfish?

CC only recently heard this song. The circumstances are not important☝🏽. But crablings I swear, if could write the remix, this would be it. Sing along.



by crabbychique

I’m jealous
I want you all to myself
I swear
You don’t need nobody else
I swear
I want you all to myself
Because I’m jealous, yea
You don’t need nobody else
I want you all to myself

Now that I got you
Here boy
I’m not gon’ play wit you
Because there’s a lot of things
That I wanna say to you
Boy you know you the ish
Audemars Piguet on ya wrist
Bishes all on your dick
But we not gon’ trip
Cause I’m not ready for quick commitments
And I swear i hate seein you with them
Yea, yea
And I know you ain’t tryna just own me
And I know your emotions are lonely
I can’t help how I feel
I’m just keepin’ it real
They can’t have you boy

Because I’m jealous
I want you all to myself
I swear
You can’t touch nobody else
I swear
I want you all to myself
Because I’m jealous, yea
I want you all to myself
I swear

Can’t help it
You know I get stuck when you
Come around
And them base ones be sick ’cause we be on some shit
Yeah they know I’m gon’
Hold you down
Hold hands in da whip
Tell me how you been wit your ends
We gon’ go to the crib
Make some drinks… cookin’ up a dinner
Boy I know I’m fuckin’ with a winner
Ain’t Nothing like these reckless ones I swear
Name a place, I’ll follow wit you there
I’d do anything to make you laugh
And you can have anything just ask
But just know that I’m jealous
And I swear I can’t help it
But it’s all for you
Yea it’s all for you

I’m jealous
I want you all to myself
I swear
You cant love nobody else

Signs from God

CC always says that the stars don’t lie. It’s my firm belief that He doesn’t either. Religion is the rules, in the stars lie the possibilities.

Not too long ago and unfortunate incident happened after a really nice night. I was with a papa crab near and dear to my heart and parked badly. Like really badly. I guess we were excited. This resulted in my car not being there in the morning. And To make a long story short, a wild goose chase in trying to find it.

I was upset. Part of me knew I shouldn’t have been there that late. CC took it as a sign from God.  But that was a (mostly) good thing.

Yes I shouldn’t have been there, but I was, and got to hear about the new venture he was a undertaking. And yes I was scared and upset but he helped me find the car and we went, picked it up and my heart calmed down a bit. Maybe the sign was things are never going to be easy, but you find a way.

What happened after that is I don’t know what. See, CC comes from a product of divorce, for reasons that are unimportant right now, but that I will always remember. It was a different set of signs that maybe, I don’t know, I just have to re-examine to get rid of my fears.

Is his venture successful? I don’t know. Why wouldn’t it be? He’s super smart, has a good heart, and works really hard. He’s going to be really good at it. All the signs say so.