BG Chronicals: A Playdate with Wendy Williams

Today, May 8, TwoThousandTwelve, through the actions of a friend and stars aligning: CC was on the Wendy Williams show.

A friend works for the show and needed a ‘real lifer’ to model a product.
The request?: Show up, look cute, rehearse, and banter with THE Wendy.

Lord knows I have had my issues with her in the past. But she always wins my forgiveness with advice hour. And show up I did, changed clothes, got zhushed and completed my assignment – with a moment stolen to capture myself in my very own green room. Like a 5 year old. Yes.

Now I love stills. Live, I wasn’t sure. Walking on set, being in front of an audience and being ‘on’ was nerve wrecking. My mantra: “don’t trip, don’t trip, do.not.trip”

But I had a ball, Wendy looks fabbb in person, and hats off to folks who do that errday.

How you doin?



Product Love: A Brush

Lovers of all things feminine..what say you about this Anna Sui brush?

A. Sui brush. Available at Urban Outfitters

CC is all for form being as important as function and this brush is so lovely.

I imagine it would be a part of many of a crab’s life stories..trips to exotic places, a brush of a side pony, a honeymoon maybe, a little girl sneaking a brush at your vanity? All sorts of annoyingly delicious girly things. Quite worth the $38.00, just for the intangibles.

I want it.

A CrabbyChique Birthday ♕

So, it’s been a year since CC crawled online. 365 days of everything and nothing…

So much has happened but there was so much to be grateful for. With that I’ll blow a candle to a few of my favorite things…

Psalm 46:10…on that note, Ruth 1:16…Magnolia’s Banana pudding….1 unforgettable night at Roseland Ballroom…Mom, Ray, and Gabe..Wordpress… Opportunities to be of service…opportunities to inspire…Carnival 2012…the realest friends…better examples….visceral, emotional, undefinable love….career challenges…karma… Heather “I’m a unicorn” Morris of Glee…fellow bloggers…a jar full of nutella and a spoon…comedy…divine intervention… signs of serendipity….film…… 2 new goddaughters…insight…wanderlust… and beauty in all things.

Kisses & Claws