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From stargazers to nerds and app for all. ♥♥♥ the starbux app! Free …with free  perks,refills, music and $$$ savings

Protected: love is a gift

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Repost: Haiku for Trayvon: 6pm Awaits

At the hands of hate, Sorrow on earth and above …. Just know, u were loved  

Ear Candy: ☯ collabos

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This Day

Whatever religion Whatever faith Whatever heart (and even though CC admits sometimes not totally liking the unchurchy parts of church, I loved the sermon today. My favorite quotes: “If Satan was the more powerful then he would have been able to keep Jesus captive in that tomb” “Live life abundantly” Who could not love the best story ever? And Spring!!!!! The Lord is Risen … Read More This Day

Love n War

I once had a science teacher. Mr Prato. And every Friday instead of a lesson, he had Question Day. We could ask questions about any and everything. One day he said to us that we should stop questioning why people were different from us and be more afraid that we were all so much the same. It was 8th grade so I didn’t wrap … Read More Love n War


ipod shenanigans ☯ Sneaky l’il iphone, waking things up that I work hard to shut down. Random, but this song stops me in my tracks because sometimes I feel like Lucy Witmore….Not that I’m the biggest expert on grunge ska..but that moment in 50 First Dates, when no matter how ditsy Lucy seemed or how hard her situation could be, Henry still loved her. And then … Read More ipod shenanigans ☯

It’s like a little prayer

Jacuzzi dreams

Bubbly haven from the cold

start over … the giving tree


inconvℯniℯnce is the truth

Inconvenient? Sometimes I wonder about this quirky life.  No one said it was fair right. We learned that early. Even though I was the one trying to pour equal juice amounts for all my friends so no one would feel hurt….somebody always was…with just a little less kool aid…sometimes it was me.. But no, I’m  thinking about convenience. Ever laid out a grand plan … Read More inconvℯniℯnce is the truth

Haiku for Trayvon: 6pm Awaits

 At the hands of hate,  Sorrow on earth and above   …. Just know, u were loved

➎ Reasons: Honesty Is Lonely

CC has been thinking about this honesty thing alot lately. It’s such a loaded word. Such a tricky thing. Everyone says they want it. Most people think they are. But does it leave you in a lonely place when you think about the costs? Whether it’s in a relationship, in your job, with yourself. You realize you have to give up something valuable to … Read More ➎ Reasons: Honesty Is Lonely

Black Cinema Shines: The Prep School Negro

June 9, 2011 – Lincoln Center –  ImageNation led another sold out film even at  the Walter Reade theatre last night. The  film was Prep School  Negro – a documentary about the director’s struggle in attending one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, having hailed from a lower income neighborhood in Philly. Director Andre Robert Lee was on hand and introduced … Read More Black Cinema Shines: The Prep School Negro

Inner Crablings

Fab offer. Hopefully this is how medical care progresses!!! From Gilt: From physical exams and vaccinations to diet and stress management, these physicians do it all, with a practitioner to fit every patient. One Medical takes the hassle out of seeing the doctor by giving you direct email access to your physician and the ability to schedule appointments online at your convenience (even for … Read More Inner Crablings


CC doesn’t hate the Lakers.  Or love the Lakers. I am actually kind of indifferent to them. It’s always been hard to say why I’m such a hater without it coming across as.. “hate”. Then the heavens opened up and gave us Game 4. Life lesson for all? It’s one thing when you’re hot and on top. But the true measure of a person … Read More Foul

Black Cinema Shines

Black Movie. Urban Movie. “Ethnic” Movie. The thought, let alone the actual words, stirs up so much drama and controversy. CC doesn’t necessarily care about “mainstream”. No, I am more interested in a steady stream… So the success of movements like ImageNation and Affrm are,  well,  moving. They prove that while Tyler Perry performs a very useful function in black cinema (longggggggg sip),  he … Read More Black Cinema Shines


Welcome to the Shell

Thank you for stopping by 😊 I was born under the star sign of Cancer. I believe that stars don’t lie. And that’s the foundation for CrabbyChíque. Crabby for all those Cancerian qualities, Chíque because chíc was taken… I hope you enjoy this blog.. .. It’s a little of everything that crosses my, love, music, fashion, music, love, drama, travel, spirituality, music, home … Read More Welcome to the Shell

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