CC doesn’t hate the Lakers.  Or love the Lakers. I am actually kind of indifferent to them.

It’s always been hard to say why I’m such a hater without it coming across as.. “hate”. Then the heavens opened up and gave us Game 4. Life lesson for all? It’s one thing when you’re hot and on top. But the true measure of a person is how they lose.  If they lose. And what they do with that (Knicks 2012!! Yay. I’m calling it).

Do I think this is all doom and gloom for the Lakers? Changes, yes.  Doom and Gloom, no.   Can people get over themselves with that mess?


Bynum v Barea

But I would pay money to hear Phil’s words in the locker room – especially to Bynum. I wonder if he said anything that influences a change within. Why? Because:

☚  ☚ ☚ ☚ That was some hood stuff right there.

But the others aren’t innocent – whether it’s physical or mental. Tragic how dysfunction, mistrust, and a splash of overblown ego can overshadow talent – repeatedly. Will they elevate? And not with cars, diamonds, and endorsements either…or a ring.

“What Kobe could be” knocks “What Kobe is”  out of the park.  And “What Kobe is”  is pretty impressive.
I trust he will check for that.

And the rest of the team too. ✌

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