June 9, 2011 – Lincoln Center –  ImageNation led another sold out film even at  the Walter Reade theatre last night. The  film was Prep School  Negro – a documentary about the director’s struggle in attending one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, having hailed from a lower income neighborhood in Philly.

Director Andre Robert Lee was on hand and introduced the film and led a panel discussion

Director Andre Robert Lee

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Phenomenal, but CC will keep it short. Here are 5 gems to inspire Crablings to run to the theater when it’s released:

5. Andre: I need to axe you something

Classmate: If you axe me, then I will bleed.

4. Andre’s discussion with his father on love, abandonment, and pride

3. Kids of all ages describe how they try to “act black” at home yet “act not black” at school

2. Taking friends home when they live in mansions and you…don’t

1. Realizing you weren’t the only one to ever struggle with identity – black, white, or otherwise

Muy proud.

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