I once had a science teacher. Mr Prato. And every Friday instead of a lesson, he had Question Day. We could ask questions about any and everything.

One day he said to us that we should stop questioning why people were different from us and be more afraid that we were all so much the same.

It was 8th grade so I didn’t wrap my head around it…just like chem and uselessphysics… but that’s not the point.

Anyway, CC was at AT&T yesterday waiting for svc. An elderly couple was being served and hubby had a disability (maybe stroke??) and was clearly struggling with acceptance of it…. The salesperson tried to help him get the words out. And he shouted something like ‘Let ME tell YOU what’s wrong’….He starts to fall…and his misses moves to lift him up. He shoves her away….. He still can’t get the words out, so she tries to help him and he said something so nasty to her. A weaker love might have left him in the store in his own misery. A regular love would have pointed out his weakness, put his walker on him and took over the conversation anyway. For his own good. Or complained.

She looked so hurt, but stepped back and patiently let him finish…. In that second I knew exactly how she felt inside. She probably goes through that all day everyday and still loves him to the ends of the earth. And if you have someone, something like that, what on earth does it matter what gender is involved?

We should support equality all day, everyday. I don’t understand all parts of it, but its not my business to. I hide pieces of me out of shyness, personality, and whatever else. But I never had to hide part of me out of fear for safety, or life or death factor (emotions notwithstanding)

CC is teamLove. I want to want to clobber future Papa Crab in the head but not even think of wanting to go anywhere. Who is anyone to deny someone else the same?

Dedicated to bw, rm, dh, bb, ar, cy, ms, jj, mp and bobbito.


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