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Monday Funny


Product luv: Golden Cuff


Protected: People Want: a poem

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Twinkle Toes

Dedicated to CC’s lovely darling goddaughter who started her new dance classes this weekend. CC loved those days, new leotards, silky shoes, silver taps, ruffles and steps. And pink toes. And she loved it too 🎉💗~Dance baby *photo taken at Edge School of the Arts, Laurelton, NY

Song ❤️

🎶❤️CC #vulnerability Ariana n The Weeknd

Protected: Pitch Slam..another chance

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

5 Things: CC Wishes….Yoga and adventure in Costa Rica

Namasté 💗   5… Adventure   4… Strength   3… Love 2… Light And 1…. peace 💋🌺

Are you brave?


Product Love: dress normal

Obsession ❤

Lay with you Bae

…Laugh with me Bae 💞

take yo passion (part 2)

          To all my writers in LA, this pitch-slam competition for novel or screenwriters comes to your town tomorrow. Take advantage, west coast crablings 🙂 ..CC would be amazed to see this in NYC..xoxo With this world we’re living in today,   is it one where you just —> Do It …. or exist? ****🎬🎬🎬**** For full info log on to:   … Read More take yo passion (part 2)


Sometimes miss Coco knows exactly what time it is!

cinco things: marquez

 …☯ ♥     (˘‿˘ʃƪ)    


chappelle’s show

~mr funny man?~ D.C. is back at it this month with several performances at Radio City Music Hall. I Covet. Want. Need. OK, would adore tickets. It wasn’t always this way. I remember when the show first came on. I was mad at him. Not because I wasn’t cracking up, but because I had to go to out into the world the next day, … Read More chappelle’s show


  ……………………………………………………….. “Put my dreams out there.. …and hope to catch them on the way back ⚘ CC ♥

Product Love: private dancer

Found: A sidewalk street fair. ~CC

grateful ~ mar. 28~

touch.. fear.. chance… ____?    


On the parlor wall..painted visions up above..; beauty, joy, ur love ~CC ~offthewall ~blklove


CC was engaged in a conversation the other day… that brought back memories of a trip taken with crabbyG.Hubby. Over our 17 (!!!:) year friendship he has created some of the best times of just living. You don’t have to think, just follow. So one year we jumped on a plane to the beautiful country of Argentina. He dipped our time in glitz and … Read More Recoléta

planting seeds


friday.haiku love/pamper him.. that makes each dream come alive.. ..that would be sublime 🎉 εїз


Cheers✨…to all of the little things I put in safe places…so safe that I can not find them when I need them! Sleep well my pretties. ~CC


~merry christmas, legends watch over us~

5 Things…Gunmetal

gray palette, to the pure awesomeness in me ~ ❤cc

little glimpse of light

These ladies are soooo talented. Hope you like this as much as I did. In my next life… CC will be the beat boxer. 💬💬💬Like, does she ever spit on anyone? . 💗CC

A Snow Story

A short story, by CC For everyone in NY…snow is so gorgeous when it falls…except when it’s time to clean it! Maybe people know..that this place holds a piece of CC’s heart’s really hard…but worth it for everything CC didn’t even know was possible. yay.

JD ~fAn arT~


5 Things..Random thoughts for Today 11/25/13

5 Things…random thoughts for today 5…CC doesn’t appreciate when people use the Bible to justify selfish motives and hateful thoughts. It’s like someone drank a tall cup of judgment and just spit out some scripture. Not cool. But how do you say that to your friend? 4…Was ~relax, relate, release ~ not the best advice ever? 3…Can we discuss this R. Kelly and those … Read More 5 Things..Random thoughts for Today 11/25/13

TGIF Brittany Quotes

Brittany Quotes of the Day. Happy Friday ~CC Brittany: I have pepperoni in my bra. Santana: Those are your nipples. … Will: Who can tell us what an anthem is? Brittany: The bottom of an ant’s pant. Will: So close. … “ Tough love feels a lot like mean.” … “You look terrible. I look awesome” … It looks like a Jewish cloud. *petting … Read More TGIF Brittany Quotes

Jeremy Y.

RIP Jeremy dedicated to ana.marroquin.yuricek

the light

Festival of Lights 2013 ☺

Protected: little things

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


After work I’m hopping into bed, eating cashews and bacon and then watching “The Voice” marathon.

random Sunday

Today… Luv… ❤ need protection Light… grateful and Music ❤CC

Hearts of Gold


Pink Public Service Announcement

Dedicated to all of today’s walkers!!. Our Minnie put up the good fight. Lets never give up hope that one day this thing stops winning 💗CC

Product Love: inspiration pad

Today’s prayer. Notebook giveaway at Nordstrom ❤CC

Grannies Part 2

RIP😘 for another golden girl in heaven

➎ Things: 10.2.2013

5. 4. 3. Scene 2. 1.

Action :)

what do I do when.. caught between 2 strong will plans …follow heads or ur heart? ~cc

Haiku: Never EZ

…this is the time when he gets set to come harder knowing he got this… ~cc

When MotherCrab is Right

When MotherCrab is Right….Mamacita is finally happy that I am listening to her. She wants me to do it her way. ‘Picket fence’ I am reminded. As she pointed out, its not like my way is the best way. Hearts are foolish. Ok Ma. V. good advice, lol……She is right that any woman would die for that. I’m sure alot are. So wish CC … Read More When MotherCrab is Right


Sometimes when the moon is full CC starts to miss the people she loves the most. One of them is her pumpkin Alex 🙇 When we get to see each other he is like my shadow….. so I remember the time when he was half baby- half l’il man.. the sky was clear, and I was able to see the man in the moon, the … Read More Moonchild

CC~ Friday the 13th Party Flow

dressing music for tonight ♪ ♪ catch it live: ready, set, flow

Product Love: air

This little thing brings CC so much joy ☼ For 13.99 breathe happy too.


Prep for an opportunity to go creative ~lifedream ~canitbe? ~faith ~pray4cc Dress: remix Soundtrack: mellow Heart: centered


.. and elevated… after a *%#@ messy Monday ⛅. ~And *bonus* ~ CC was so on key with this in the laundry room 🎼


9/1/13 ~RIP Netta~ 😘 In one of those almost perfect afternoons, one of my besties and I met up today for one of those shopping/ebrunching adventures..where it’s just the 2 of you and you can hit on every single topic from men to work to clothes to …grandmas? CrabbyFriend is struggling with finding a suitable caretaker for her aging grandma. Grandma who raised her … Read More Grannies

Our boys

can’t take away the darkness from their world but we will make it a little better ~ a little brighter ~ a little faster ~ a little lighter worth a shot…

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