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9/1/13 ~RIP Netta~ 😘

In one of those almost perfect afternoons, one of my besties and I met up today for one of those shopping/ebrunching adventures..where it’s just the 2 of you and you can hit on every single topic from men to work to clothes to …grandmas? CrabbyFriend is struggling with finding a suitable caretaker for her aging grandma. Grandma who raised her when her parents were going through drama and mayhem as she tried to grow up. So now she is physically unable to handle the day-to-day and we tried to figure out how in the world you pick someone for a job that they could never EVER do like you would. It got me to thinking, what about my mamacita? And the generations of women that came before us.

I never got to meet my grannie and she never got to meet me. As a newbie to this country, and not yet a citizen, it would take my mother 6 months after I was born to get all the necessary clearances, stamps, rolled-eyes, and paperwork in place. My grandma died suddenly of a heart attack within 5. Mom’s paperwork was then expedited :-/.

To this day, mamacita has not gotten over that….I think she would have been grateful for a chance to take care of her over time vs. the sudden loss, but we don’t talk about it anymore….that will always remain openly painful for her.

And even though I tried to reassure her, and I have the stories to rely on, I sure wish I did have Molly. What would she have told me? Would she have me schpoiled? Would she be a disciplinarian? Would we have secrets? Would we laugh and giggle? Would she finally tell me why mom is so Type A? Show me the shoes with no sole that mom allegedly walked 5 miles to school in the snow in? (Because there is SO much snow in Trinidad you see). Was she there those times I cheated all those close calls? Was she happy? And is she proud?

I don’t know. But I know I love her.



Vintage Molly

Product Love: Neo Whimsical


the argument

Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness….

….but when you are in light your shadow is always with you


the agreement

➎ Reasons: Random…Hate 2 Love it

This is not a typical post. CC is not usually about this Vh1 life. I just tell my stories.

Everyone who knows me understands how much I loathe can do without most reality TV. I respect creative TV & movies too much. But from the minute I gave in and jumped in the LHHA pool I have been Team Shenelica.

I took my punishment from everyone. Says one reader: “What the hell has she accomplished in all of her 30+ years except steal somebody’s baby daddy, skrip and prostitute.?” But y’all know I can be bougetteaùx. Oh she has issues, but so does CC and its real. I’m not excusing her or me. I have been the fool sometimes 😔 But now you can relate too. Here’s why..

got a big ego

5 … She is hilarious… and usually right

4 … She makes huge mistakes.. but gets right back up

3 … For all jokes and insults people throw at her, she is one of the only true women on that show. (Rasheeda is also… but Rasheeda seems like the man, the masculine in the relationship, Kirk is the feminine. He doesnt seem like he has a say. Which is fine that’s who they are and why they will work once Mona’s script it ends.)…but…. Jo has been to hell and back. I think deep down she is really private and has been through things no one will ever know about. Trying to elevate, not needing fake friends, she’s just on her path. She been through way too much and has too much to lose.

2 … Take your risks. She doesn’t want to make it alone but she accepts if she has to. Treat your dreams with care. You might lose but it might lead to the very thing you would give your life for.

1 … No matter how much people hated she wouldn’t take her eyes off her prize…even if she fails at being the PR princess. And to boot, will call SJ on his mess in a good way- not easy and I don’t think that’s a camera trick. Part of me feels like he and Mimi just deserve each others miserable selves. But he has a power over her…If she truly loves him she needs him on top of their game otherwise how would he be happy?. Hope she leaves it there. Oh well. Not perfect. Not a role model. Just a woman.


Catch the best recaps here ———->

Our boys

App Stars

Protected: love is a gift

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Repost: Haiku for Trayvon: 6pm Awaits

Ear Candy: ☯ collabos

Product Love: well~made

summer solstice


Product Love: crabbyChapeau

Little things



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DJ Preston P

Happy 6th birthday to our little future music mogul. I think he almost peed his pants when he arrived to see his DJ party workshop. Go P. ❤


Prep for the DJ battle; Cake; CC, superimposed; Birthday boy!

Rockin to GF and BK’s Summertime ~unFiltered


My crablings + one of my favorite songs = pure love, No thinking of worries, just for a minute

This Day

Whatever religion
Whatever faith
Whatever heart
(and even though CC admits sometimes not totally liking the unchurchy parts of church, I loved the sermon today. My favorite quotes:
“If Satan was the more powerful then he would have been able to keep Jesus captive in that tomb”
“Live life abundantly”

Who could not love the best story ever?
And Spring!!!!!

The Lord is Risen Indeed.
Christos Anesti!
¡Feliz Pascua!
La Fête de Pâques
Melkam Fasika

myPrayer: Thank you, Lord. For bringing him in my life. He taught me things I needed to look into inside me. Please hold him through it. Defeat his enemies. While he crushes competition. Please hold me and help me build back up better, stronger, faster, fiercer. Forever CC

visual 5-7-5

Love n War


sexx in a song

“Shadows fallin baby..we stand alone….Out on the street, anybody you meet, got a heartache of their own…It oughtta be illegal”

~Guilty, Streisand & Bee Gees
Click here to listen. It’s black on the inside.



My parents use to play this when we were little kids. I couldn’t know what it meant but I would belt it out in my living room concerts (my Dad would sub for Barry’s part, hilarious).

But now that I do, this stays fire. Because really, until this popped up the other day I didn’t know how to put this to words.

Because yea, make it a crime to be left out in the cold. Or pretend to care when they don’t. It’s bullshit really. Makes me feel like this, when I really wanna feel like this , but its all good. I’ll just work with this,  cuz at least I know I care. I was devotion.

Product love: Pillow Whisper

Take yo passion and make it happen


ipod shenanigans ☯

Sneaky l’il iphone, waking things up that I work hard to shut down. Random, but this song stops me in my tracks because sometimes I feel like Lucy Witmore….Not that I’m the biggest expert on grunge ska..but that moment in 50 First Dates, when no matter how ditsy Lucy seemed or how hard her situation could be, Henry still loved her. And then set their world on fire. Anyway back to reality♥CC

Protected: This.

Ok, point taken

It’s like a little prayer

Jacuzzi dreams


Hiatus: inconveniently

So I  was ripped a new one this morning for the last post. Ok, that’s a little dramatic..but the effect. The effect.

I was advised that it’s not practical. To get my head out of the clouds. Find  a Papa Crab and focus. That that path is what has worked for centuries and I need to get over it.

I wanted to defend myself and say it wasn’t meant to be practical. I wasn’t judging anyone. In fact, the orderly type is what I need. I wanted to say that all I meant is that maybe we don’t control it. That I don’t know how to. Or if I want to… . But I didn’t. Because maybe they are right.

So I’m taking a break for a little while. To get my head out of the clouds and  get all the things I’m dreamy about.

Be back.


“DILIGENCE. One step, followed by another. Repeat.” ~Anthony Hamilton

inconvℯniℯnce is the truth


Sometimes I wonder about this quirky life.  No one said it was fair right. We learned that early. Even though I was the one trying to pour equal juice amounts for all my friends so no one would feel hurt….somebody always was…with just a little less kool aid…sometimes it was me..

But no, I’m  thinking about convenience. Ever laid out a grand plan for life?  Had one put on you? College by 18, First job.. 22, Lawschool/medschool?..28. Married by __ to a ‘perfect’ partner, Kid 1 by.. Kid 2…nail appt  at 5, gym at 7. Appearances, rules, normal(??).The right thing.

I thought I wanted that too. Which confuses me, I admit.  I am trying to live that proper life now.. like maybeIgotitwrong. But as I piss of my mom, and confuse best friends, I start to think…

The best things in my life have been inconvenient …Inconvenient love, inconveniently lost, inconveniently tired…inconveniently hired…  uncontrolled by me. To pursue something, despite that, does that make it our purpose?

I do everything I promise. I’ve hurt, I’ve lost, been up,  been down. And I know…

I need that quirky, undeniable, ridiculous,unpredictable, delicious life.  Real, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.  I don’t think that is all wrapped a worldly human plan. But in an inconvenient one. That is all.

~ dedicated 2 those lost on this day, September 11


Hard at work today and taking my smoke music break.  My “Iconic” playlist is on and I hereby give thanks for the audios & visuals.

So.. thanks to :

Lenny Kravitz 5 for “I Belong to You”

Flashdance  for Irene Cara & the inspiration behind my 50 deconstructed tees

Christion..Ghetto Hymns for all the “Full of Smoke” hustlas

Tamia for the hologram of CC on the beach at sunset

No Doubt..for that night, freshman year in college, when “Don’t Speak” came on and I was an instanttttttt die-hard

Minnie Ripperton for Perfect Angel..cuz she was

Star Spangled Bangle

ⓑeenie ⓑaby

BG Chronicals: A Playdate with Wendy Williams

Today, May 8, TwoThousandTwelve, through the actions of a friend and stars aligning: CC was on the Wendy Williams show.

A friend works for the show and needed a ‘real lifer’ to model a product.
The request?: Show up, look cute, rehearse, and banter with THE Wendy.

Lord knows I have had my issues with her in the past. But she always wins my forgiveness with advice hour. And show up I did, changed clothes, got zhushed and completed my assignment – with a moment stolen to capture myself in my very own green room. Like a 5 year old. Yes.

Now I love stills. Live, I wasn’t sure. Walking on set, being in front of an audience and being ‘on’ was nerve wrecking. My mantra: “don’t trip, don’t trip, do.not.trip”

But I had a ball, Wendy looks fabbb in person, and hats off to folks who do that errday.

How you doin?



Product Love: A Brush

Lovers of all things feminine..what say you about this Anna Sui brush?

A. Sui brush. Available at Urban Outfitters

CC is all for form being as important as function and this brush is so lovely.

I imagine it would be a part of many of a crab’s life stories..trips to exotic places, a brush of a side pony, a honeymoon maybe, a little girl sneaking a brush at your vanity? All sorts of annoyingly delicious girly things. Quite worth the $38.00, just for the intangibles.

I want it.

A CrabbyChique Birthday ♕

So, it’s been a year since CC crawled online. 365 days of everything and nothing…

So much has happened but there was so much to be grateful for. With that I’ll blow a candle to a few of my favorite things…

Psalm 46:10…on that note, Ruth 1:16…Magnolia’s Banana pudding….1 unforgettable night at Roseland Ballroom…Mom, Ray, and Gabe..Wordpress… Opportunities to be of service…opportunities to inspire…Carnival 2012…the realest friends…better examples….visceral, emotional, undefinable love….career challenges…karma… Heather “I’m a unicorn” Morris of Glee…fellow bloggers…a jar full of nutella and a spoon…comedy…divine intervention… signs of serendipity….film…… 2 new goddaughters…insight…wanderlust… and beauty in all things.

Kisses & Claws

Haiku: Quiet Love


➎ Things: What Not to Do, but we do it anyway

**Angel Note: CC is guilty of some, not all, of the following. Thank you. **

1 – Keep FB friendships with people we secretly roll eyes at. It’s not that you dislike them but either they need to seriously calm down, or can’t be deleted due to other friendship alliances. However, there are 3 currently that may get the exception boot anyway. And CC is one of the nice crabs. Sometimes.

Nemo learns a valuable lesson

2 – Eat mint chocolate chip ice cream/random junk food in the middle of the night
… I am thinking it neither satisfies hunger – or – the reason you ate it to begin with. Ok, one exception. Cheesecake.
3 – Wait to buy a new pack of toilet paper just before the current one runs out. CC, for no reason, gets incredibly excited at a good 12-pack on sale. It’s just small enough to fit in my linen closet, just big enough that I won’t have to buy some for awhile. Then I wait until the last minute. A cycle.
4 – Let yourself be Stifled. Grounded yes, Stifled, nope.
5 – Repeat your parent’s lives. Good or bad, they lived it already. Why can’t we sometimes seem to pick our own? Guilt?

That is all. For now.

The Bougetteaúx Chronicles

Attention: CC is testing a new series called the Bougetteaúx Chronicles
See, most people think in black and white. Some folks are pretentiously bourgeois while others are unabashedly ghetto.

However, there is a shade of gray, somewhere happily in the middle, and we call it “Bougetteaúx”. It’s French.

Today’s topic: This $500 Dress at Neimans

Bougie: I can split this on 2 cards and eat lettuce all week/my man will get this for me
Getteaúx: Girl please. My cousin got a knockoff for $20/my man will get it for me
Bougetteaúx: hmmm I wonder if I can find this at Century’s?/imma surprise my man

Topic requests welcome.

Les Fleurs

Will somebody wear me to the fair?
Will a lady pin me in her hair?
Will a child find me by a stream?
Kiss my petals and weave me through a dream.

~M. Ripperton, sublime

notes to self, april twelfth

Haiku for Trayvon: 6pm Awaits

➎ Random Thoughts for Today

  1. My french manicure has once again defected. It’s somewhere in Lithuania…
  2. That Mary J Burger King song is catchy. Dammit.
  3. Will Kanye and Kim try another sex tape? Can we call it “GoldTrigga”? I’ll do set design.
  4. Moms should not network socially…
  5. Martyrs suck. Don’t do something if all you want is credit.

Bonus: I really want an Auntie Anne’s pretzel right now.

That is all.

Salute to my A~Kat


This is dedicated to my cuz Aisha. We have an untainted bond as cousins and friends…should u have ever seen the masterpiece “The Sweetest Thing” she is the Christina to my Cameron…. checking flubber in the dressing room mirror.

If I am inspiration, she is action.

And now she’s married. On Easter, my fave holiday even & a special day in my own personal life.

Much love to my lil fighter who married her lover this weekend

~LoverForAFighter aka CC

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