Crabshell DIY – Meet Mz. Kristalia

I’m completely in love with this edition of Crabshell DIY.

Hell, I love all of them, but say hello to my little chandelier anyway. Her name is Kristalia.

Total cost was under $100 and included a base with 3 halogens, but each crystal had to be painstakingly attached and kept tangle free. Try that with music playing, a million thoughts in your head,phone ringing,and an active dog. Try it.

But the challenge made it all the more sexy…

Mz. K

Dear Guys…10 things to say to a girl today

  1. You cast a spell on me.. spell on me
  2. You hit me like the sky fell on me..fell on me
  3. And I decided you look well on me..well on me
  4. So let’s go somewhere no one else can see…you and me.
  5. Can you spend a little time?
  6. Time is slipping away…away from us,  so stay,
  7. Stay with me,I can make….make you glad you came.
  8. The sun goes down,the stars come out,
  9. And all that counts is here and now,
  10. My universe will never be the same.. I’m glad you came, I’m glad you came.

 ~ The Wanted, Glad you Came

➎ Reasons: Honesty Is Lonely

CC has been thinking about this honesty thing alot lately. It’s such a loaded word. Such a tricky thing. Everyone says they want it. Most people think they are.

But does it leave you in a lonely place when you think about the costs? Whether it’s in a relationship, in your job, with yourself. You realize you have to give up something valuable to achieve it. And always be ready to walk alone no matter how much it kills you.

So here are CC’s top 5 reasons why honesty is lonely…

5… Honesty leads to judgement. And honestly, who wants that? I like to eat cake for breakfast, would totally go to a Taylor Swift concert, and desire useless things sometimes. So what.

4… Honesty can lead to disappointment of others, when you feel guilt for not living up to their expectations.

3… Honesty is rarely reciprocal…

2… Retaliation and isolation are strong possibilities.

1… Keeping up appearances is simpler.

But then… one day… if you’re lucky…you stop and know that:

Even though the loneliness was an expensive price to pay, you looked up and saw the one or two that stayed with you. Held you. Walked with you. Regardless of whether u believed it or not. Then you realize that’s all you ever needed anyway.

웃 유 CC


****UPDATE UPDATE: So Crablings,

A) The RIAA aggressively shut my video down. Oddly, I am both proud and angry. I’m prangry.. Must have done something right!!

B) This bish was pregnant the whole time. I can’t


People always wonder WHAT CC’s obsession is with Ms. Knowles. Lord knows there are millions of us fans/stans.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Killing me softly

Click for live video

All I know is I have adored her since day 1, since she was getting booed at her own concerts. Since the DC fiascos. I didn’t know why then, other than I knew what it felt like to be judged harshly.

People say she hogs the spotlight. I wonder just how anyone is able to stop their own shine? As if.

I adore her because she’s happy. Talented. Savvy. Imperfect. Fails as much as she succeeds. Has cellulite. Endured love drama. Family drama. Can’t eat too much. And she channeled that all into millions and fame while staying true to her dreams.

Everyone should own themselves. Period.

Bey takes a bow

Her Roseland concert epitomized all that is loved about her and that was a lifetime collection of 90 minutes for CC. What I did to secure this spot was 150% worth it.

Click pic for some live video.

Thumbnails below.

Sincerely Yours,



How ya'll doing tonight?

Cuz..I Care ..I know it don't matter too much..

Crabshell DIY – Makeup4Ever


My own mini-Sephora

Dearest Crablings, you know how your makeup gets scattered everywhere and one day you look up and say ick? Normally I thrive in my organized disorganization, but this time I put my #32 brush down.

I needed a cheap way to organize my proud collection of colors and bring some order to half this ish that I never use. That, and the psychological impetus to not SET FOOT again in a Sephora/Ricky’s/MAC/NARS/Chanel counter until 50% of this stuff is actually used.

Enter Target. Surprise surprise. I scoured local discount chains (oh, and Pier One) in search of shelving or multi compartment “trays” that I could attach to the wall. Finalists were TJ Maxx and Target. Target won out due to the structure of each compartment. But I am oh so proud. And in my crazy head, now I have my own mini-Sephora to shop in every morning. Joy.


Pros: Organized makeup and an etagere restored to uncomplicatedness.

Cons: Couldn’t decide whether I wanted the color to match my decor..or my product packaging…; I still have a closet full of product to get through. But that’s another post…

Damage: $6.99 and one bruised finger (due to lack of hammering skills) … Ciao bellas. ♥

Last Nite a DJ Saved My Life these Disco Pants…

Last Nite a DJ Saved My Life

Disco Pants

Ok, so he hasn’t saved my life yet. But he will when I get to wear my brand new jeggings – shown here on a fellow fashionista’s bod.

CC is not this small but that’s the beauty of these pants – no one can look bad in them. These pants are like the US presidency – an operation bigger than any one (wo)man.

Now, I waited 6 months for these to mayyyyyyybe go on sale… No dice. So full price it was.

Click Here to preview/order


Today’s song in my head:

Sale el Sol

1st Verse…loosely translated:

I never thought I would care about
The tone of your message…
You left me with the impression
That I was just another heavy thing… in your baggage  ~Shakira

thy selfish fashion junkie



➎ Reasons…why Maya is my S.I.M.H.

SIMH = Sister in my Head…Why?


5. Minnie Ripperton was her mom, Teena Marie was her godmother. How  fly?

4. Bridesmaids. CC shall own that dvd the minute it comes out.  

3. Her hilarioussssssss ChristinaYonce version of the Star Spangled Banner. See it here.

2. She can laugh at herself. She’s imperfect. Me too.

1. “Maya was in the studio with her mother on the day Minnie  recorded “Lovin’ You. The listener can hear her mother sing “Maya, Maya, Maya” to her daughter near the end of the track. Riperton died on July 12, 1979, at age 31, from breast cancer, just shy of Rudolph’s seventh birthday.”

Luv, CC

CC ❤ Prabal Gurung

Dinner + Wisdom

Haiku: f.a.t.e

Black Cinema Shines: The Prep School Negro

June 9, 2011 – Lincoln Center –  ImageNation led another sold out film even at  the Walter Reade theatre last night. The  film was Prep School  Negro – a documentary about the director’s struggle in attending one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, having hailed from a lower income neighborhood in Philly.

Director Andre Robert Lee was on hand and introduced the film and led a panel discussion

Director Andre Robert Lee

Click for Website

Phenomenal, but CC will keep it short. Here are 5 gems to inspire Crablings to run to the theater when it’s released:

5. Andre: I need to axe you something

Classmate: If you axe me, then I will bleed.

4. Andre’s discussion with his father on love, abandonment, and pride

3. Kids of all ages describe how they try to “act black” at home yet “act not black” at school

2. Taking friends home when they live in mansions and you…don’t

1. Realizing you weren’t the only one to ever struggle with identity – black, white, or otherwise

Muy proud.

Inner Crablings

Fab offer. Hopefully this is how medical care progresses!!!

From Gilt:

  • From physical exams and vaccinations to diet and stress management, these physicians do it all, with a practitioner to fit every patient.
  • One Medical takes the hassle out of seeing the doctor by giving you direct email access to your physician and the ability to schedule appointments online at your convenience (even for the same day).
  • The New York Times celebrates One Medical as “a new model for primary care.”

One Medical Group is a members-only practice run by a team of physicians dedicated to changing the way you think about going the doctor.

Exhibit A: they have an iPhone app to allow members to schedule appointments easily. Here, you won’t spend hours sitting in the waiting room. You’ll be able to renew prescriptions online, often saving you a follow-up visit.

3 NYC Locations - Click pic for offer

Afternoon Slam

Life + Times of Sean Carter

5 Reasons to read Jay-Z’s blog

Jay interviews Gwyn

5. Awww. Even Jay is blogging. ..reaching out of his comfort zone. Me likey.

4. The site has variety. Click pic for his interview with Gwynnie Paltrow.

3. This quote:

GP: “Do you feel that as a cultural figure of importance it is part of your responsibility to share what inspires you?”

JZ:“I think it’s every human’s job to inspire others, to feed one another’s senses. Inspiration begets inspiration times infinity. Imagine if the person that was inspired to create the phonograph didn’t share it with the world.”

2. Nice artwork Jay.

1. This tribute to Bey.. Maybe we’ll get some real insight into their love.


Jean Envy

Rock and Republic

Ok Crablings,  everyone knows how seriously I take my jeans collection. I will skimp everywhere else, refuse to buy typical designer bags, and wear costume jewelry – but I will NOT skimp on jeans.

They are art.

That said, I’m equally picky about cleaning them. They do not go in washing machines. Ever. Unless they are stretch skinny. But for the top dogs it’s always a challenge to find ways to keep them clean. Even dry cleaning can fade them.

Thankfully, there are people crazier than me, and Apartment Therapy posted a vid about how to freeze them and keep them clean. As in store them in your freezer. Yes.

Sounds crazy, but they measured bacteria, cleanliness, and effectiveness. I’m willing to try it…

Click here for video instructions

Cuz it’s not all sunshine n’ roses

OK, someone please establish the YouTube awards and nominate this video of female R&B singers paying respect to Beyonce…perhaps

Voiceovers reveal their true feelings about Bey : Oprah, Kelly, Michelle, Keri Hilson, Janet, Mariah, Rih Rih and Ciara. Oh, and Precious. Hystericallllllllllllllllll

1. No eating or drinking…
2. Thank me later..

Music is my drug, the DJ is the dealer


“Stay on your Game” Inspiration

Haiku for ℒℴℳℒ

Whose choice is it anyway?

~CC dedicates this post to her good friend Savi, the sillier to my silly~

Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony

So CC has been intimately involved in Savi’s drama over the past few weeks. It kind of matches my own and probably so many others….

Do you marry for true love, for convenience, for yourself, for others?

Arranged marriages come in all forms. In India, it’s your parents actively picking  for mates for you. In America, it’s your family telling you to settle down with your ex/nice doctor/engineer/whats-his-name because he has a good job, nice house, great family, and all marriages “take hard work, require sacrifice, and you don’t want to get old alone”. Oh, and they want tons of grandddddbabies.

It’s hard to argue? They know you. Know what’s best.  And the other party is a good person generally. You wouldn’t be with them otherwise.. and who wants to be alone?.. till the day you find you prefer picking belly button lint, find yourself on a leash you don’t want to be on, live life through the kids, and who knows what else.

CC doesn’t care about the method, I care about the motive. As long as there is authentic happiness, that’s fine. The rest can be murky and sometimes manipulative. And frankly, CC wants no one in her baby business, except hubby.

I’ve had friends who have gone in either direction. And I understand each.  I don’t judge, just focus on my own limits.

In Savi’s case, she was involved in a serious love affair in the US (Luvvah) while her parents were pushing an ultimatum on a nice enough groom (NoBueno)  in India. They did not know about Luvvah and she could not tell them,or he would be confronted with an ultimatum within 5 minutes. NoBueno was no bueno. They had all the right checks on the list together, he did everything right, but passion that would never last.

That type of arranged courtship process to us Americans is odd,  but should it really be?  The dates, the dance around delicate questions, and then a decision based on practical, and maybe physical qualities . Alliances and appearances ~ but not that indescribable compatibility ~ chemistry, lust, trust, love, goals and raw honesty~ The one that makes relationships “not hard, not about sacrifice, and  may one day naturally lead to babies because it is right”

That’s the love I opt for. Because more than anything else, I want to love my husband more than my children and I want them to witness that. I don’t want to wake up one day and lose emotional connection. Or abuse. Or be married ‘friends’.  Or worse – arguing or drama (not the good kind anyway!!). I don’t want any type of perfection.  Just that man I love and all his dirty.  Love + Freedom.

Plus I could not emotionally weather a divorce….. I couldn’t.

In the end, Savi declined the marriage with NoBueno. In the end, she did what CC did and listened to her heart. And for that, I am so happy. Even if she doesn’t end up with Luvvah, at least she knows the love that is possible. Cheers to the future.

Product Luv – Bella Terra 9-Stacks

CC doesn’t OD on eye makeup, but these are stargazable.  Check out Bella Terra’s 9-stacks. Each stack has 9 shades with beautiful pigments. The shimmers can be worn 8 different ways:

  • Creamy Shadow
    Moisten the brush to create richer, more intense eye color that doesn’t crease.
  • Matte Shadow
    Mix the Shimmer with Bella Terra’s Eye Primer for a matte shadow look.
  • Eyeliner
    Wet the tip of an eyeliner brush and apply around the lash line for high-intensity eye definition.

    Demo available at Roosevelt Field - opposite Victoria's Secret.

  • Lip Color
    Mix any Shimmer with lip balm or lip gloss to create intense lip color.
  • Nail Polish
    Add to clear nail polish for a unique nail color that matches your eye shadow.
  • Body Glitter
    Mix with body lotion to create an all-over body shimmer.
  • Mascara
    Dip clear-color mascara or Bella Terra’s Mascara Primer brush into the Shimmer for amazing lash colors.
  • Hair Color – um, for those bolder than CC

I stopped the saleswoman’s demo at Nail Polish..yeah, a bit too much for the mall, but suffice to say it was a good buy. The products are all mineral and have no expiration date.

CrabShell DIY of the day

So happy with today’s framing project!

I got this painting years ago from a street artist in San Fran.
So imagine my heartbreak when the original fell and cracked to pieces. And any paint luvah knows how much the frame means!

So after searching high and low with some pretty steep prices, my eyes lit when this just turned up, on a random trip to Michael’s.
So perfect. With bamboo carvings etched in to bring out the watercolor.

And the cost? $11.99. Kismet.


Street Chique

ℳcLoving ℳcQueen

SATC ♪ ♫ ♬ moment

Carrie Alone..ok, Carrie and Versace alone.

Random CC thoughts tonight:

What: Il Fait Chaud by French artist Passi.

When: The moment in a cafe in Paris…when Carrie realized the only life she could live was an authentic one, this song was playing.

Click Photo for vid

Google Doodle – banner tribute to Martha Graham 5/11


Today’s treasure: Chi Chi beauty products that are usually hard to find in mini’s AND on sale. $10 for $20 worth of products. Click photo for link. makes it possible to carry your favorite high-end beauty products on every flight you take. Each item the site offers is a TSA-approved three ounces or less.

In a Lykke Li kinda mood tonight

one of CC’s all time favorites..the how and where I first heard this a few years ago was serendipity..always with me. I only recently heard the remix and its 3X dope. Perfect mix of man and woman. And makes me think of only one man.


CC doesn’t hate the Lakers.  Or love the Lakers. I am actually kind of indifferent to them.

It’s always been hard to say why I’m such a hater without it coming across as.. “hate”. Then the heavens opened up and gave us Game 4. Life lesson for all? It’s one thing when you’re hot and on top. But the true measure of a person is how they lose.  If they lose. And what they do with that (Knicks 2012!! Yay. I’m calling it).

Do I think this is all doom and gloom for the Lakers? Changes, yes.  Doom and Gloom, no.   Can people get over themselves with that mess?


Bynum v Barea

But I would pay money to hear Phil’s words in the locker room – especially to Bynum. I wonder if he said anything that influences a change within. Why? Because:

☚  ☚ ☚ ☚ That was some hood stuff right there.

But the others aren’t innocent – whether it’s physical or mental. Tragic how dysfunction, mistrust, and a splash of overblown ego can overshadow talent – repeatedly. Will they elevate? And not with cars, diamonds, and endorsements either…or a ring.

“What Kobe could be” knocks “What Kobe is”  out of the park.  And “What Kobe is”  is pretty impressive.
I trust he will check for that.

And the rest of the team too. ✌

Precious Little Fokkers

I have always worried how good I would be with my own CrabbyDumplings one day. Because heaven knows MamaCrab will need her sleep as will Papa….

I’m so glad someone has addressed this.

Here we have the first bedtime story for adults. How can anyone not appreciate gems like this?:

Adam Mansbach

Bedtime Reading?

“The eagles who soar through the sky are at rest

And the creatures who crawl, run,and creep

I know you’re not thirsty. That’s bull$h*t. Stop lying.

Lie the f*ck down, my darling, and sleep”

Mansbach’s other books include:
The End of the Jews and Angry Black White Boy

I see I have competition for that Pulitzer.

Black Cinema Shines

Esai Morales and Judy Reyes

Sundance Selection 2011 - Gun Hill Road

Black Movie. Urban Movie. “Ethnic” Movie. The thought, let alone the actual words, stirs up so much drama and controversy. CC doesn’t necessarily care about “mainstream”. No, I am more interested in a steady stream…

So the success of movements like ImageNation and Affrm are,  well,  moving.
They prove that while Tyler Perry performs a very useful function in black cinema (longggggggg sip),  he in no way represents mainstream. There are a million stories waiting to be told in Hi-quality, Hi-emotion…Hi-Def.

CC adores it all and had the honor of being part of the Greeting/Welcoming team for the advanced screening of “Gun Hill Road”. It stars Esai Morales and Judy Reyes – yes, the nurse from SCRUBS who EVERYONE should know. Or leave this blog now. Kidding.
Not only does Ms. Reyes star in it – she is the producer and one of my new She-roes. Read on for why….

First, the event:
The screening was held at Lincoln Center’s  Walter Reade Theatre. Where Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gates, founders and HNIC’s of Imagenation, packed the house.

The crowd was diverse, open,and excited about the film.

Judy and several other executives Skype’d in to talk to the audience.

Finally, a live panel engaged in a great Q&A session with the audience, followed by a small reception sponsored by Whole Foods.

Now, the movie:

OMG. That’s all. Just OMG.

The promo gives you an idea of the plot…

Esai Morales

Gun Hill Road (courtesy of ImageNation)... click for info

Esai plays a husband, father, man returning home from prison to a life he doesn’t recognize, an indifferent wife, and a son he can’t understand.

However ~ writer that I fancy myself to be ~ no words can do justice to the power of this film. I can tell you that this film will move you. I won’t give it away but it touched on so many life issues that we all deal with. Don’t care who you are…

Things like:

  • What defines manhood?
  • Why does society have this jones to always test the masculinity of men of color?
  • When loyalty to another person overrules compatibility and loyalty to yourself, what do you do?
  • Then is that worth it – for either party? Are you a “bad person” for looking out for yourself first?
  • How do you gain the maturity to accept things you can’t control?
  • How do you master your own demons?
  • Is that ever even possible?

This was slick, smart, and unforgiving. The plot twists and shock ending will own you.

See a clip here

See Director Interview here

Go see it when it’s released.

I Heart Mamacitas

Mother’s day is coming up, and here is an approved (by me) gift available through Gilt. You can either purchase a bouquet similar to the one below (flowers of your choice) -OR- sign up for a lifetime of smothering hugs by taking a floral arrangement class with her.

CC herself  will be attempting to create a similar bouquet..light a candle and stay tuned for details, mishaps, and results.

Besitos to all the Mamacitas!!

Buy one or learn to make one

Flowers of the World Offer (click here for full details on GiltCity)

Drooling and dreaming of Couture

Stereo Love

Available on SkullCandy

RocNation Aviator Headphones (Click Pic for direct link)

Oh. Oh. Oh.
Headphones are art…
Crack to CC’s ears….
A good pair makes music so crystal clear you may actually think Fergie is vocally equivalent to Gwen Stefani.

Here is RocNation’s aviator turn on a classic…
“SkullCandy and Roc Nation have formed a coalition and invented the Aviator headphones,  designed to “offer the best way for people to experience the soundtrack of their lives”, says Jay-Z”

The style definitely trumps Dre’s .. CC hopes to soon vouch for the sound.
But oh. So pretty.

The Dance of Love

Random Product Love

Sampled these nail polish toppers the other day at one of the super improved
(read: overpriced) Duane Reade stores in NYC.
They are gorgeous in person giving all mani-divas the opportunity to mix and match base colors and toppers.
Gorgeous. Flawless. Masks the mid-week chip.. and worth the pricetag.
(Seen below in “Chilled” special-effect top coat. A satiny matte finish with a hint of shimmer.)


I hear you Mr. Food Truck Vendor

…everyday we hustlin’…  My poor rap skills notwithstanding,  it’s not just a song. The owner of this truck happens to live on CC’s block. So naturally, I snapped a pic and then checked their site.
According to
“A closer inspection revealed that this was not gangsta posturing: The truck is a mobile version of Cambodian Cuisine, the longtime Fort Greene Asian restaurant that floundered in 2009 after a move to the Upper East Side. According to the saga you can read on Cambodian Cuisine’s website (short version: Owner Jerry Ley was ousted from his original location because of Nets-stadium construction, then ran into landlord troubles in his new location that eventually forced him to close), the “looking to survive” part is no joke.”
Not mad at him at all…


╰☆╮CrabbyChique Shoe Haiku╰☆╮

When you’re able do what you love ~ with the one you love

CC wonders…what happens when you can mix love and work effortlessly?

First, love these 2. I have had this video on repeat for awhile after a friend posted it on FB. Over 5 Million hits in one week ***100 of them probably mine*** featuring a sick imitation of Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Nikki M, and Weezy F Baby.

This is something people either love or hate, all or nothing, no in between
although if you hate it, leave this blog now (j.k!!) because Amy totally rips it at 1:15.

But after ODing on the video, CC looked up their story, saw a few interviews and what an inspirational love story.
They studied music at the same prestigious arts school, were classically trained in different skills, did their own thing solo and built separate careers, then joined forces and are now on a quick rise…personally and professionally.
Similar interests, equal values, and attraction…Great recipe for luv, life, and happiness, no?

Enjoy (or else)!



Welcome to the Shell

Thank you for stopping by 😊

I was born under the star sign of Cancer. I believe that stars don’t lie. And that’s the foundation for CrabbyChíque.

Crabby for all those Cancerian qualities, Chíque because chíc was taken…

I hope you enjoy this blog..
.. It’s a little of everything that crosses my, love, music, fashion, music, love, drama, travel, spirituality, music, home and music.

Feel free to comment and chip in! I am very much appreciative.

Thank you

❤ CC


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